stormy weather
I must be on a broken machine/appliance streak. Last night we had a big storm and it blew out our phone lines and alarm system.

Got the alarm system taken care of fairly easily.

Then the phone guy comes and takes a look at our phone lines. It appears that the actual line is OK but every single phone that was hooked up at the time of the strike was blown out including my new fax machine! ugh! So now the printer/scanner/fax machine is just a printer/scanner. At least it's not completely broken and it still scans and prints which is all I really need it for anyway. I barely ever even send faxes.

But still, it's very annoying!

I even had that phone line hooked up through a super duper surge protector, CyberPower UPS thingy. I know those have insurance coverage for surges but I think the model we have is so old I don't know if it is covered. I also bought the extra Office Depot warranty for the printer/fax so we'll see. I will make a phone call tomorrow and see what it all entails but from what I gather for the first year it's under the manufacturer's warranty then after that Office Depot covers it. So in a year I can return it and get a new one. I am not about to send this 30 lb machine back to HP only to find out they don't cover it.

Paul just got back from buying all new phones for our house. Now we have fancy new ones! yay!

So broken car last week, broken phones + fax this week. I guess since these things come in threes something else is on the agenda to brake. I just hope it's nothing expensive!


Oh Claudine, sorry to hear about the run of bad luck. I believe that we pay in advance for good fortune so perhaps this is all happening so that something very wonderful is around the bend!!
Claudine, Dear, didn't anyone tell you before you moved in that M.West is the lightening capital of Orlando?!! LOL!

We lived in one of the town houses over there when we first moved to the area...let's just say we lost a lot of gold fish every time there was a storm. We have a garage full of dead radios and TVs, too.

Oh, and YES, let's plan a Panera date!!
I think it is safe for you to count three already . . . car, phones & fax = three maladies. At least that is what I will hope for and nothing else will break.
xoxx, Renée

sure wish we had a Panera here!
ohh...good for that extra warranty... Dh and I argue about buying those all the time. I am FOR the warranties..he is not. Anyway, you'll be covered as log as it is not expired. :)Hope things get better!
Bad things always come in three's. You're done!
You are on a ROLL! That's insane and I hope it all goes smoothly and everything is covered by warranty AND you win on a lottery ticket or something sweet like that.
So sorry to hear that...we were on a Dryer, Dishwasher, Vacuum breakdown recently, so I can feel your pain!!!
I'm having appliance troubles too! Since November, we've lost our diswasher, fridge, washing machine & had a plumbing flood that ruined our entire downstairs. I suppose we bought everything at the same time, so it all breaks at the same time, right? So now we have another 10 years of peace before it all begins again! Hopefully your appliance luck is changing too!
That stinks, doesn't it? Just hope you don't have a personal lightning bolt following you around like I've got! Shew!

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