rainy thursday
It was gloomy and rainy all day today. Makes me so sleepy!

Today, I ran errands, went to the vet, made phone calls and worked on custom artwork orders. I filled a few orders from my Etsy store too. It's time to stock up on more artwork for my Etsy store, I'll have to try to add some more this weekend! Yay!

I talked to my rep Jen for a long time on the phone. To the right is a mini set of Sitting Pretty PoppetsĀ® that I made of her & her hubby and their 2 three-legged kitties Wilbur and Napoleon. (click image to enlarge).

I was telling her all about how much I love This American Life and now they have a podcast version of their show. I can listen to it while I walk Toby (which takes forever because he is very slow and pokey). She had never heard the show before so I talked endlessly about how much I love it and that she needs to try it out and listen to the episode "The Super" first. One of my favs. Paul and I listened to that episode on our flight to Italy and we were cracking up so much people actually turned around to look at us. Ooops!

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Oh yeah- I listen to the podcasts of This American Life while I'm at the gym. Have you ever seen Ira Glass? He doesn't look anything like his voice!
We're huge fans of This American Life! It's amazing how faces can just take one aback after listening to their voices -in the box- for so long.
I LOVE that show, too!
I try to remember to listen to American Life too. I listen on satellite radio on my way to work. I wish it was on all the time. It would help pass the hour commute. The Poppets are very cute. One of these days, i'm going to decide which one I want to get... :)
Just love the Poppets family ! What a pleasant surprise to open my Cloth, Paper, Scissors today to see your wonderful Poppet ladies sitting pretty !! They brought an immediate smile, as your art always does. Thanks, once more, for brightening my day. (and so sorry about that nasty migraine)
My favorite This American Life is the one about the Little Mermaid message on the college guy's answering machine. I also love love love the new radio show "Fair Game." I download every single episode on podcast. And I've heard great things about another new radio show, "Radio Lab."
Great work, this is really fun.
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