opps i did it again!
Here I am at almost 1am on the computer again. My eyes are burnt and raw but emails are taken care of, web site is updated and I found an envelope to use for my custom artwork gift certificates! I want to have the certificates all done well in advance of the holidays.

I am also trying out a new idea of an "on its way" card. This would be for people who ordered their custom work too late for it to be done for the birthday or holiday, they would be able to give this card with a brochure that explains their artwork is being created right now and then it will give an estimated arrival date listed on the card. I am hoping this will help at Christmas time, I will be able to take "on its way" orders right up until Christmas day and the client can get me started on the artwork and then give the card to their recipient. Dawn at Anna Bella is helping me design and print the gift certificates. yay!

This artwork, is part of a round robin self-portrait journal exchange that I am in. I used the new September kit papers from Scrap in Style TV, loved the paper I used for the green dress, so bright and cheery! We have been doing this exchange for almost two years and we are almost done!

Ok off to bed for me!


The "on its way" card is a great idea. I think it's fun to give someone a gift they can look forward to and this is a great way to announce that. And with a brochure too...fabulous! Love the collage of the sweet little lady!
Yes, I agree...great idea to have the "on its way" card!!! Love the adorable collage sweet and cute cute photo! Hope you will post more of your round robin once it is complete.
what a great idea claudine! and i really like that green jumper that you are wearing in the picture!
loved this when you posted it at SiS and the two burnt holes in a blanket is priceless lol
She's too cute! Congrats on the "I Want That" exposure. Hope that generates some work for you-- though I'm sure that hasn't been a problem. Your stuff is great.
I kept seeing your blog listed on other blog sites so I thought I'd pop in. I am pretty sure I have seen your work before but I'm not sure where and I am pretty sure the people in those older drawings were missing arms. Now your work seems less quirky and more polished. Or am I mistaken?
you are right that was me, my poppetsĀ® used to mostly be missing arms, and the work has gotten more developed as I have been working in this style. thanks for noticing!
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