I'm going to be on the Martha Stewart Show!
I just got word that I am going to be a guest on the Martha Stewart show! Taping dates are still unconfirmed but the taping will either be in 10 days (yipes!!!) or on the 18th of September. There is so much to do between and now and then to get the projects and supplies ready my head is spinning!

But I am excited beyond words!

I will let you know more details as soon as I find out!!

HUGE, big, giant thanks to Holly at the decor8 blog for recommending me to the Martha Stewart producers. Without her I wouldn't have this opportunity. I think it's even more exciting that
this fortuitous event has nothing to do with the artwork I gave to Martha Stewart in January!

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claudine that is fabulous!!!
i am so excited for you.
please please keep us posted

I am going to try this again, I think I deleted the last comment. Congratulations! How exciting! Good luck and keep us posted on all the details...
holy cow!!!!!!!! that is awesome!!! but your stuff is the bomb girlfriend and you totally should be on that show!!!!
This is the most wonderful thing. I'm so happy for you and the exposure this will bring your beautiful work.
oh my gosh, claudine! SO fantastic. congratulations again!
I am SO excited for you!
WHOA! This is definitely the big-time!!!!!!! let us know so we can program our tivos!! :)
that's fantastic!! congrats!
congratulations! you go girl!! you being on martha's show is a very GOOD THING! :)
I knew when you sent in your artwork they'd be calling you!!!
ENJOY each moment!
Many many congratulations! Well deserved!

Fantastic news, Claudine! How funny that I dreamed about Martha last night - she came to my home to TRY to organize things!
I'm very happy and proud for you!
YAY!!! So great.. and I'm so happy for you!
That is so exciting! Can't wait to see it :)
Oh Claudine, that's wonderful!
Congratulations, I'm so happy for you.
You go girl!

I want to see the show, keep us posted!

Gabriela Delworth
Toronto, Canada
Well you know what Claudine? If Martha Stewart had a blog, I bet her post today would say, "I'm going to have Claudine Hellmuth on my Martha Stewart Show!"

:) Because you are a burst of sunshine, talent, and energy and when she meets you and sees you in action, I'm sure she'll be VERY PLEASED with every bit of it.

I never had a doubt:)
You get what you give in this life and for all you do for me, you should have your own tv show!!!
My best to you dear friend!!!
oh fantastic news!!! Love Martha Stewart and I love your art too - congrats!!!!
we get her show here in Australia but its not always the same schedule as the USA...I'll look out for you
congratulations, claudine! oh my gosh that is just so incredibly exciting! i know you will be super fabulous!
Congratulations Claudine, make sure to tell her the other Claudine loves her too. It's a goood time for us Claudine's, you get to be on her show and I am one of her trusted bloggers!
I'm so happy for you, Claudine! How exciting! I look forward to watching!!! Super, great news!!!
Woohoo! BIG congrats!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Claudine it couldn't of happened to a nicer person :)
I took your class at Artistry in Vancouver this year and I really enjoyed it I left feeling totally inspired.
Looking forward to seeing you on Martha!
Yay congrats :)
congrats claudine!! that is sooooo exciting!!!!!
Congratulations! Please give us a reminder on the air date - I don't want to miss that!! I showed Martha how to use the Cutterpede at CHA Winter, I just love her and her show! Have fun!!
I'm so happy for you! Let us know when it's on!
Yay for you Claudine!! Super exciting news and I'm so happy for you.
Congratulations, Claudine! I can't wait to see you on the small screen!!!
Yay!! Congrats ! Can't wait to see the show. :)
Way to go! That is awesome. Makes me wish I had TV so I could watch... :)
simply fantastic! I am very happy for you.
Congratulations! That is so fantastic! Can't wait to see it!
awesome claudine! i live near NY, so i will try to go. i'll keep an eye on the date so i can try and get tixs. you'll do great!
I share in your excitement! This couldn't happen to a more deserving artist...not only are you an exceptional talent, you are generous with advice and encouragement for other artists. Three cheers for you !! Can't wait to watch and set the DVR, of course!!
Huge congrats Claudine!! WTG!!! :)
Yipee! Hooray! Fantastic! I just knew she was going to want you on the show! I can't wait to hear your thought after the taping. Hey, I thought Martha's show was LIVE - well at least it was when she first started it. Guess that's changed! Congratulations. . . now what are you going to wear???????
I am so excited for you. I never comment but have been a huge fan of yours. Best of luck!!!!!
Congratulations Claudine!!!! This is so exciting!!! I've been a long time fan of yours too! In fact, I first checked in on your blog right at the time that you gave Martha your art piece. And I love how it's all kind of come full circle and that you will be on her show!! It's fantastic!!!
Congratulations! That is so exciting.

PS - I love decor8 as well
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