illustration friday: captain
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "captain"

(click to enlarge)
I created this piece today just for Illustration Friday. It's been awhile since I made a piece on a Friday for IF and it felt so good to play with the theme and see what I came up with.

I started off thinking of a pirate type captain, which then led me to think of a ship captain like for a cruise ship, then I started thinking airline captains, and after that I couldn't stop thinking about retro flight attendants. So this piece ended up being a slight stretch but I think fits the theme with the following quote:

"Everyone knew Ruthie had a thing for Captain Rick"

Have a great weekend everyone!


I have missed your work. . .your work is always so refreshing and fun! Just love it!
ahhh awesome work!!
Nice! Love the colors and the pattern of background.
That Captain Rick is a real dog! :)
Very cute!

eBeth (Elizabeth Parsons)
This collage is a beauty...I love the way the colors mix. Don't you just love that beauty mark she has? Reminds me of Honey West...(uh,oh, my age is showing) BTW...thanks for visiting my blog.
She's my kind of captain! ;-)
Love it, Claudine!
This is really great... oh and I have the male counterpart to Mable, his name is Columbus.

really love this piece, your collarge style is unique and lovely! cheers!
Gracias por tu encantan tus trabajo...son muy sutiles....
muchos saludos
Claudine- This is great. I am glad you didn't go with Pirate. It seemed to be the obvious route and too many of us went the easy way. I think "Ruthie" is perfect. Retro flight attendants are the best kind.
Love it. Reminds me of the movie Casablanca and Rick's place.
I reall enjoy the textures you used and the colors. Very surreal! :)
I love the gorgeous fashion ensemble.
well done - nice take on the theme
I love the tote she is carrying. I wish they still made those vintage airline bags with the logos!
very work!
Ruthie looks like she could be a captain too! Love this!!!
I love your works, specially your eraly work! This is really great!
Great work! I love the retro feel to this. I never even thought of pilot/captain for this! Great idea! I also love how you explained your thinking process for it. It makes it even more interesting.
What a nice thought. I remember when all the girls in our neighborhood wanted to be 'stewardesses'...this has a lovely feel to it. It is ready to take off.
Great composition, great colors! Nicely done! Wonderful.
She looks so spiffy!
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