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Bad car news today.

At first the news was good, my car was fixed! So Paul and I went down to get it.

Then when I am there picking it up the guy says to me. Have you had trouble with your AC? I say no, it was working (like everything else!) on Thursday. He says take a look at this, so we sit in the car for 10 minutes waiting for the AC to work. no AC. ugh!!! Is this bad luck or what!?

Maybe it will be covered under my warranty, but for every new thing they fix under the warranty, there is a new $250 deductible. So far I am at about $750 in deductibles. Still A LOT cheaper than paying full price but this is quickly becoming an expensive week!

So I ended up getting a free loaner from the VW place and drove that home. It's a new Passat and it doesn't have a key, you plug this cartridge thing into a socket and then the car starts. I really do not like that. I like to feel like I am turning a key. This car is the complete opposite of my car, it has power everything. Even the parking brake is a button instead of a lever. My Beetle is just about all manual. All the windows etc all have to be rolled down by hand. So this Passat feels totally foreign. It's fun to drive it around for a little bit, but I wouldn't trade my Yellow Beetle for anything even if it has cost me a bundle this week!

Here's a silly photo of Mabel that I snapped. The look on her face echoes mine when I was at the dealer and he tells me yet another thing is wrong with my car! LOL!

NOTE: I have heard all the VW Beetle horror stories. I know they tend to break down a lot. But I have had my beetle for 7 years and this is the first time it has had anything wrong with it. However, it does only have 28,000 miles on it because it doesn't go anywhere!


My bug's air conditioner went last year...and they wanted $1200 to repair it. I was so mad...because it was just a hole....I could go to welding school for $1200 and fix it myself....but in the end...I caved. Volkswagen is not cheap.....
I hate to tell you this but your are more than likely in for a world of repairs with your VW Beetle. My husband and I had a VW Beetle for four years. We were attracted to the car because it was cute and sporty and we both liked bugs. Unfortunately, it ended up being a long string of repairs and one problem after the next including - 2 dead batteries, AC going out, repeated headlights blowing out, broken CD player, electrical problems, radiator...
The air conditioning was the final straw. They said it would be $ 1500 to repair it. Then we saw a website called Cars that Suck ( and we were even more convinced. Now when we see a VW on the road we shake our heads at the person driving and say, " I'm sorry..."

probably very true! I think I have been very lucky I have had my beetle for 7 years and this is the first time it has needed repairs!

I just Love your Animal Photos..You sure capture the perfect poses....
the beetles from the 60's had heaters that never worked - they didn't have air conditioning. But they sure were fun....
That cat pic is the best! :)
I was relieved when I read your update. I am glad to hear that you have had your car for such a long time without problems. I wish you the best!
Claudine, I have a 2002 Beetle and I LOVE my car. When I took it to the dealership for a safety recall (something to do with a brake light) they 'found' all sorts of things 'wrong' with it. HA! I took it to my local HONEST mechanic who I have dealt with for seven years with other cars...and guess what...everything is FINE! Watch out for dealerships. At least that is my story in southern California! My daughter also drives a 2000 Beetle..NEVER a problem other than a dead battery once!
I LOVE BUGS...drove a 1963 while living in Germany in the 70's...a 1969 when I first moved back to California...and now the 2002 :)

Hey Claudine-- I battled with VW on my beetle and on a jetta. I finally gave up and got a Lexus! No problems so far! Good luck to you... and I KNOW you love that car. They are sooo cute. BTW, what color is it?
Good luck! Good luck! I hate everything about car repairs. My trusty Jeep is still running - thank goodness. Once you're all fixed up - you'll be back on the road and running like crazy! No worries.
Its Jabba The Hut!
So sorry to hear about your card problems. Had a miata that had about $5000 worth of repairs in over about 2-3 months. I just about had a fit. But, as everyone points out, still cheaper than getting a new car! Funny thing is...I still have the miata (1990) as a spare car, and will probably be driving it again once Miss B gets her license (in the next 2 years). I would also suggest a good mechanic outside the dealer. Last time I brought my Toyota to the dealer, they were supposed to replace all the windshield wipers on the service...didn't do the back one so I went back and the stupid service guy told me it wasn't part of the deal. I called the manager and told her I would not be back and why. She offered to replace the wiper, but I told her I was not interested in doing business with them anymore. Now I use a private mechanic and my car has about 125,000 miles and is running well (knock on wood). Good luck!!!
only 28,000 miles and fully paid can do a lot of repairs and it is still cheaper then a new one! smiles, andra
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