city hall show
Yesterday I went with my friend Martha to take a look at my show at City Hall. I hadn't seen everything hung up so it was exciting! I was nervous how everything would look, but it looked good! yay!

My artwork is on the 3rd floor Mayor's Gallery and also in a hallway on the 2nd floor too 35 artworks total. I took a few photos, here they are! (click to enlarge images)

outside city hall...

Mayor's Gallery 3rd floor

more Mayor's Gallery 3rd floor

wearing my City Hall visitors pass


How exciting - it looks like a great show (what a beautiful building too). I just adore your artwork, if I lived in the area I would definitely check out your show.
looks fantastic, claudine!
Yay! Your stuff looks awesome up there! Triple Arm Pump!
What a great exhibit! Congrats. ;-)
Hurray, hurray for you!! What a fabulous display...and the frames you made look great! You look so happy and proud in the last photo...cute necklace too...You have so many fans who are just thrilled and inspired. WAY TO GO!
your art looks great- great exhibition space!! you were well missed at AU- were your ears burning??? i always think of you in the airport bookshops- you always gave me such good recommendations :) i just finished the secret life of bees, very good book if you havnt read it :) later chica! xox
High Five coming at ya Claudine! Congratulations!!!!!
Congratulations!!! And HOW EXCITING!!!
Claudine, The white, curved wall shows your pieces off beautifully! Congratulations!
Your art looks terrific. Wish I could see it in person. Love the colorful frames!
thanks guys! it was really exciting to see the work out of the house and on those lovely walls! yay!
Wow. It looks wonderful Claudine. I wish i could be there to stroll the halls in person.
wowowooow...good for you! smiles, andra
Claudine, your art looks just
WONDERFUL! It adds such playful, colorful cheer to that serious city business going on.
Congrats Claudine, your work is so joyful, I'm sure everyone who sees it will love it:)
Way to go Claudine!!!

Those curved walls sure give it an extra dimension and show off those frames you slaved over - worth it now aren't they?! Bet folks that work in the building are finding excuses to visit those floors - just the kind of humor in your pieces folks can carry away with them for the rest of the day!

enjoy, you deserve it!
all the best from here.....
That turned out amazing!
I am so glad you took pictures!
congrats on your show! Love your work
Wow this is truly exciting! So happy for you.
yayy! I'm proud of you Claudine, go celebrate! =) big smiles
you are so talented, sweet and beautiful, claudine!!! your show looks AWESOME, congrats!!!
kathy :-)
That is so cool Claudine! I also wanted you to know I received my art and I LOVE it! Gotta get it framed now for my room!
Congratulations, Claudine! The exhibit looks wonderful. So exciting!
Wow, Claudine, that exhibit looks great. A perfect site for your art. Congrats!
Looks great! Your frames too! I didn't expect them to be all different colors. Love that.
Love your work! What beautiful frames!! They're as fun as you art! I want frames like that. Congratulations!
gorgeous you! beautiful work on the walls too! what a cool show....congratulations! xoxoC
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