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Nothing new to report since the exciting snake incident earlier today. Just working on stuff and getting things done. I got the last 3 of my artworks for City Hall framed. Now I have to put all the wire and the screw eyes on the backs. I got all set to do that when I discovered that our drill battery charger died. The drill is fine, so is the battery, but can't charge the battery with out the charger working. Ugh! Apparently you can not just buy a new charger replacement you have to buy a whole NEW drill. Seriously.

Last night I stayed up way too late again. I was up until 3am, thinking about things. I have a couple business things on my plate that are stressing me out a tad. Not even 3 Tylenol PMs could get my brain to quiet down. So tonight I am off to bed earlier so I can get on a better schedule. Maybe in bed by midnight instead of 3 or 4am! nighty night!


Oh my gosh - I am so glad Stanley was okay! Yuck. . how scary! I hope that everything that is stressing you out gets resolved as soon as possible. It can be hard to have a quiet mind sometimes! Xo
sending peaceful, meditative thoughts to calm the stess! :)

You have my sympathy! Headaches sometimes put me out for a couple of days at a time and it's murphy's law that that happens just as I;m rushing to get ready for an exhibition. with every show, I promise myself that I'm going to have all my art ready to go a few weeks ahead of time, but it's really hard to do! :)

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