netflix movie suggestions
Our NetFlix queue is getting low. It takes so much time researching new movies to add.

So I thought I'd ask you guys if you have any suggestions of must-see movies we should add to our list?

I just read about After the Wedding in Newsweek, so I added that one! It looks pretty good. Anyone seen it?

We love foreign, documentary, etc. etc... We have pretty eclectic tastes.

Any suggestions appreciated!


One of my favorite foreign films is "Bread and Tulips by Licia Maglietta, Bruno Ganz, Giuseppe Battiston, and Antonio Catania".

I LOVED Bread and Tulips! those kinds of movies are my favs!!
loved stranger than fiction. just loved it
if you haven't seen pan's labyrinth yet, it's definitely worth seeing.
Have you seen "Little Miss Sunshine" - total a riot!
Have you seen the Namesake? My father saw it and loved it. He said it was very moving and touching.
Loved Pans and Little Miss Sunshine!!! Great Movies!!

Jenny - I added The Namesake to the queue. Looks wonderful! thanks!
I love documentarys too and really enjoyed "Who the %$*&# is Jackson Pollack?"
I know this isn't a documentry but it is a fun movie... "Because I said so" with Diane Keaton. I loved it.
I would think you would like The Red Violin, because it is about being an artis and something inspiring you.
The painted Veil was good and last night I saw apocolypto (sp?)...a bit brutal at first but It's satisfying in the end.
I highly recommend the German film "The Lives of Others." It's not on DVD yet, but you can Save it on your Queue.

In case you missed these, you also might like these (mostly) ensemble films:
--"The Station Agent"
--"The Squid and the Whale"
--"Kinky Boots" (British)
--"The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio"
--"Italian for Beginners" (Danish)
--"Monsoon Wedding" (Indian)
--"L'Auberge Espagnole" (French, Spanish)
--"Danny Deckchair" (Australian)
--"Mostly Martha" (German)
--"Saving Grace" (British)

--"Wordplay" (crossword puzzle addicts)
--"This Film Is Not Yet Rated" (about MPAA rating system)
--"The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"
--"In the Realms of the Unreal" (about self-taught artist Henry Darger)
--"Sketches of Frank Gehry"
I was going to recommend Mostly Martha and The Station Agent, too. Also consider He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (with Audrey Tatou).
Loved Volver - - it's sort of a fantasy set in realism, if that makes any sense. And definitely a flick for the chicks. (But not a 'chick flick') ;)
Mrs. Potter is one I haven't seen, but it is about a whimsical artist! I'm going to Netflix that one myself and maybe you will also enjoy!!
Kinky Boots
Mt current favorite movie. I have seen it 6 times and still love it.
thanks guys for all these great suggestions, this should keep me busy for awhile!!
The Fountain is very interesting. Visually amazing.

Casino Royale for Daniel Craig
Layer Cake again with Daniel Craig [this is way better than Bond]
Ever seen shortbus? Don't do if you're a purist or very christian or something like that I guess. It's a weird movie. It's gross. Especially the opening. Ew. BUT. It's fascinating. It's heartwarming (YES it actually is!). Did I mention fascinating? Fascinating in a gross, "onlooker" way maybe. But it's definately worth seeing imo.
I'll second "Stranger Than Fiction." It's great and totally not what I expected from Will Ferrell. I'll also say that if you have a Blockbuster near your home, their program is better than NetFlix. When you return a movie to the store, you get a free rental in return. Since my Blockbuster is right next to my grocery store, it works great and we get about 8 movies a month for $6.99. I've also heard great things about the documentary "Long Way Round" about Ewan McGregor and his buddy motorcycling through eastern Europe. It's next on my queue.
Another vote for "Stranger Than Fiction" and also for "The Painted Veil."

foreign films to watch:
"Les Choristes" (French)
"A Very Long Engagement" (French)
"Elling" (Norwegian)
"Amelie" (French) -i'm sure you must have seen it
"Good Bye Lenin!" (German)
"Rabbit-Proof Fence" (Australian)
"The Motorcycle Diaries" (Spanish)


I also heard "Long Way 'Round" and "Unknown White Male" are really good. I just added them to my queue. :-)
Have you seen Day Trippers? This is another one of my all-time favorites. It's not foreign, but does have Stanly Tucci (I heart him!)
I just rented Driving Lessons with Rupert Grint (Ron Weasly from Harry Potter) and liked it. Very British, but fun. Oh, and Keeping Mum with Maggie Smith...also very British and funny (kind of a dark comedy).
Hi Claudine...we just watched "After the Wedding" last night and really liked it. The only annoying thing were the "eye" and "mouth" close-ups throughout. You'll KNOW what I mean if you see it!
I really enjoyed Little Children. Very thought provoking.
we have a long list of great foreign films! here are just a few :)
-Rabbit proof Fence
-The Last Kiss
-The Man who Copied
Anything from Zhang Yimou
The Painted Veil,
He loves Me, He Loves Me Not-saw it suggested above and it is good.
Letters From Iwo Jima
i'm late here but ...
wonderful documentary
"The Staircase" here's an Amazon link
totally fascinating
must see "ma vie en rose"
I'll second "Shortbus." A friend describes it this way, and I agree: "Surprisingly, I was surprised by Shortbus. I hit the play button expecting to see a lot of pushing the boundaries sex for the sake of sex, but that wasn't the case at all. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of that, but emotional exploration and the complexities of human relationships really felt like the driving force behind each character's story. The sex, although explicit, seemed almost secondary. Anyway, a lot of the reviewers on IMDB explain this a lot better than I am, but I was surprised by how touched and kind of exhilarated I felt after watching it."
hey check out this web site that makes it really fast and easy to get good movie recommendations
I'm not much of a television or movie watcher, but i Adore anything with Shakespeare or about Shakespeare. Try "Looking for Richard" which was produced by Al Pacino. Thought provoking.
someone here suggested Worplay which I did love and I just saw The Secret Life Of Words with Tim Robbins and Sarah Polley. A must.

I've actually taken the liberty of adding some of the suggestions posted here to my queue (Blockbuster, though)
Mary Manese
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