it's tuesday!
Exciting news! Mabel won the Sleeping Pet Photo Contest. I have a hunch the dachshund got disqualified for ballot stuffing. Last I checked the dachshund had 13000 votes or something to Mabel's 300 votes. But Mabel's were REAL votes so she WON! Thank you for voting for her. I am a proud momma. Check her out in the Winner's Circle here.

Images from my day:

Stan found my ribbon tub without the lid on. Busted!

A super duper package came from Scrap in Style TV. It's their August kit and it's so yummy. Lime green and red with polka dots!! I can hardly contain myself.

In other Tuesday news.... I finished sprucing up my custom artwork area of my web site. I think it is even more user friendly, at least I hope so. Also worked on some custom artworks in the studio and framed 3 more pieces for the city hall show. Only 3 more to frame! whew!!

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congrats mabel :)

(and i am completely envious of your ribbon bin!)
Mabel was beautiful. congrats on book .
Congrats on the photo win! Can you post it again so we can see? Love the ribbon bin... so many polka dots... my kind of ribbon!

hi there! you can see mabel's pic here:

Yay Mabel!!!
Never trust a Dachshund
Wow! Stan's gotten so big. I haven't been to your blog in a while and thought I'd pop over.
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