stanley get down from there!
Stanley gave us the fright of our lives when we discovered him lounging around way-up-high on our plant shelves. He of course thinks it's loads of fun! I don't know how he figured out how to get up there!

There's Paul trying to make sure he doesn't jump down at the wrong place! We had to show him the way to the fridge, then the counter, then back to safe ground. Whew!


Awww, does he think he's "Super Kitty"? Glad to hear he is ok. Cats are like kids-ya never know what they will do especially if they are boys
Oh my gosh, those are great shots of your high flying kitty. They do like to be above it all surveying their kingdoms!Our cat Garfield used to climb up on the roof and my neighbor across the street would call me and tell so I'd go open a window and let him in. He had us all trained:)
You had me and my bf just cracking up here -- our Tomtom does the exact same thing, he seems to like "looking down" on everything, a little like the "Lion King". Thanks for sharing.

cracking me know he will do that again..he doesn't look scared or sorry!!!!!smiles, andra
The higher my Daisy Mae can go, the happier she is! Stanley has probably already been up there when you weren't looking...
aaahhh! how cute is that? sometimes i wonder how my cat gets into the places she gets into..

btw .. congrats on the etsy shop
LOL!! Too funny!
too cute!
Get that cat into Cirque du Soleil! That is a GREAT cat house. If I lived with you - I would hang out way up there, too... yes, I would and maybe jump down on unsuspecting visitors from time to time as well.

Go Stanley Go!
Yeah, I was thinking it's a perfect perch for kitties. You just need a little skinny carpeted stairway for him to get up there and back down. Too cute!!
OMG! Too funny! Those pics just made my night. Stanley reminds me of my mischievous kitty Sienna. We have an unfinished basement and she figured out a way to climb up onto the beams of the exposed ceiling. We were terrified when we saw her up there the first time and she thought she was so clever. My husband also had to guide her down safely. Never a dull moment with kitties.
OH :*( , he looks so much like my sweet Quinn who just passed away : *(
Stanley! I wish my Sully could do tricks like that. He can barely reach the bed.
Yikes!!! I am scared just looking at him. He is mighty brave. Glad he did not get hurt!!!
I had to put some larger items on the top of my fridge to keep my cats from getting up there. I don't have a beam like yours for them to walk on but they sure thought it was fun jumping on us when we walked into the kitchen.
haha stanley you nutso kitty! this is hysterical.
the same thing happened with our kitty. she discovered her way up there and the first time she did it was when we were away from the house. i came home and started calling her name but she didn't respond. i looked everywhere for her and then i heard a loud thump. at first i didn't know where she had come from, and i started to think that perhaps she jumped all the way from the top of the counters. i dismissed the idea because she could have gotten hurt! later that evening she did it again and then we had to teach her to first go to the fridge, then to the counter and then to the floor. it was scary to see her up there the first time! hehe.
Interesting!!!! ha ha ha
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