sopranos finale
Anyone else feel like the Sopranos finale just wasn't what they hoped for? My mom loved it, but Paul and I wanted more "final-ness" the finale. I really thought something big and crazy was going to happen and feel let down. Bummer. Oh well. I'll miss Tony and the gang on Sundays!!


I liked the ending. It gave me lots to think about. But I do think the cat stole the show - I'll never forget that image of the ginger stray peering intently at Christopher's photo. Seems to me they might still bring the Sopranos back to fight another day.
I agree with you, Claudine! Crummy way to end the show...just not enough punch to match the power of the rest of the season. :(
I didn't watch the Sopranos all that much but read about the finale in the paper this morning. If I'd been watching all 6 seasons and then that was the way it ended, I think I might've been a bit disappointed too!
Yes I agree - I felt let down, until I realized the alternative and then I thought about how sad I'd be if Tony got done in. After this realization, I felt it was a fitting ending.
I was just talking with a friend of mine this morning and she asked if I watched the Sopranos. I told her no. She said she was totally bummed by the way it ended. She felt cheated. I guess alot of people felt that way, as it is the talk of the town. Cheer up. You shall find another series to get addicted to.
Oh you could have heard me yell a mile away-It was so anticlimatic!!! I was all ready to be emotional and upset that something happened to one of the Sopranos. OHHHHHHH! That was just not enough-it was flat! I think the producers got lazy and just fizzled out! Mean, Cruel, and inhumane-----like the Sopranos? Heehee
I thought it was a total let down.
I know they wanted to leave the option for a movie open, but still, sheesh, give us a little something! And when did Carmella buy that old house at an estate sale? I didn't remember that. I only remembered her getting the money from the sale of her spec house and Tony wanted it to pay off gambling debts.
In the minority here, I loved it. It ended the way it should have, it goes on without us. Fitting I think since the characters had a life before we entered the scene and now they continue without us. I don't think that people as a whole would have been happy with any ending. If they killed Tony people would have been upset, if they showed him indicted then people would have wanted to know more.
So for me, the window we were peeking in, was finally closed and I will miss them.
it was completely for shock effect. i got the point. "don't stop believing". he had all that mattered. his family together. find the upside of life. make the best of your situation. but the black out. i mean meadow wasn't even sitting at the table. and who was that guy going into the men's restroom??
oh, well it's probably just me. i'm terrible with goodbyes. i got misty eyed because it was ending. you should see me bawl at the olympics closing ceremonies. ;) ridiculous.
My husband thought the TV went out!! Then he realized what happened. I guess I was hoping for something more.
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