my new etsy store!
I didn't get everything uploaded just yet, but enough to launch my new etsy store! So here's a preview below! I am still messing with the preview images, darn etsy crops them in a square and some of my heads are getting cut off!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

PS If you are interested in a Metal Sitting Lady Poppet® with your own photos, they are $45, just email me and I'll send you info.

PPS. OK now I'm really logging off, The Sopranos finale is almost here!!


Yay! I just bought something!!

I see we were both busy doing the same thing this weekend. I just finished uploading my necklaces to Etsy and added a post to my blog about it. Before
I signed off I thought I'd check in with my favorite blogs and what do I see? You've been working all weekend as well! They look great!

Great to see you on etsy! For my first image I always make it a square image so it doesn't get cropped. So you could just show the top half of your collage on the first image and the full collage on subsequent photos. Hope that helps!

P.S. I'm pinkangel on etsy :)
Claudine, I'm so THRILLED that you have an etsy store now!!!! I'll check in often since I've wanted one of your pieces forever!
Congratulations on your Etsy shop Claudine. Your gonna love it!
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