illustration friday: suit
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "suit"

(click image to enlarge)
No time this week to make a new piece, But I think this one works with the following quote:

"Mathilda was determined to fit into her new bathing suit...."

And here's a true confession: I have not owned a bathing suit in 5 years! This year I promised Paul I will go and buy one so we can go to the beach. Target here I come!


that looks like my workouts, cute as always:)
Claudine. I had to laugh at your bathing suit comment. If I looked like YOU I'd own 50 bikinis & stay at the beach all day!
Love the old lady and her workout.

Hey Claudine,
What a great piece!! You are cracking me up, as I have owned the same ugly bathing suit for eight years. I said the same thing to myself--that I would get one this year--I have plans to go to Target for it too--lol!!! Have fun getting yours!

Happy weekend!

darn bathing suit season. eeeek.
Mathilda makes me chuckle.
Ohhh... I think I should follow her ;)
Love it! You don't own a bathing suit? Don't you live in Florida?
Collage is definitely your strong suit!
She's not straining hard enough. She may just need to buy an extra stretchy one.
Very cute Claudine! I was at the scrapbook store yesterday and saw your stuff displayed. I was talking with one of the employees and she said it was selling very well. It suprised her a bit, but not me cause I love your stuff. Just wanted you to know it's popular here in Las Vegas! Have a great weekend!
hilarious... illo... thankyou for reminding me ...its past time to exercise.. :(
lol is this a reflection of ur promise to ur husband. as always nice work
this is fun, funny and clever! Yea for Target!
This is looking great again. And really a bathing suit doesn't hurt. And it's so lovely to go swimming or enjoying the beach. This summer we went on the bat with friend and she's a gymnastic teacher with a great body and there we where, me in a full bathing suit and she in shortpants with a top. Well I can asure you poeple won't look twice at me,LOL.
Great work as always!
Bathing suits are optional here in Indiana. Mostly, the people who show up at the pool have cutoffs instead. Nice work!
Oh dear. I hate that feeling. Good luck. I'd say I missed my target but the truth is I just ignored it. fun! Great piece, claudine!
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