a wild ride!
I'm here in VA and already taught my first class at Art & Soul. I have an evening class tonight and I am already tired! i am sure I will perk up once I get going again. Trying to grab a quick dinner from room service. They had a very limited vegetarian choices so I ended up ordering grilled cheese off the children's menu. At least it's cheap!

Yesterday I had kind of a wild ride over to the hotel from the airport. I arrived in Newport News and grabbed an airport cab. It was an old and cruddy cab, but cabs always seem to be old and crappy at least all the ones I get so I wasn't worried. The guy drives for about 10 minutes and then says "I need to stop at the gas station to pick up some coolant"

So I am thinking um OK, either this guy is really going to get coolant or he's going to get duct tape and rope and I'm going to end up at the side of the road somewhere. Luckily he came out with the coolant and pours the WHOLE bottle in the engine and then throws the bottle in the front seat and starts driving again. I said to him "do you think maybe you should call me another cab?"

He says no it will be fine and drives for another 3 or 4 minutes then turns around and tells me he is taking me BACK to the airport so I can get another cab. Oh boy!!
And did I mention it's like 90 degrees out and his car has no AC.

So he takes me back and then I get out and haul my luggage into another cab and then the guy tells me "no charge ma'am"

Oh wow! OK thanks for being so generous!

It was so funny!

Well it's time for me to eat and run off to my next class. I am teaching day + night classes today and tomorrow. Saturday I will be a zombie, good thing I am not teaching that day! See you later!

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oooooooooooo, that's so not fun. and I can picture you being so nice about it while you are freaking out inside. glad you got there safely...and that he didn't drop you off on the side of the road instead of back at the airport. do-over!
take care! xoC
I am so glad that you didn't get left at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay or I wouldn't have met you last night! The class was so informative and guess what? My blog is up!
I can't wait to add stuff to it! A mini collage for all to see. Here is the addy:
Your a Doll, C!
-Christina aka Xina
afraid to wonder what next?! maybe you'll be writing not illustrating a book.... thank goodness he didn't make you get out and dump you on the side of the road!

now enjoy the fun weekend!
all the best from so. cal.!
What a great story! "No charge, Ma'am?!" Maybe you feel the raw nerve of this now but in years to come this memory will become a source of amusement and a good scene in the story of your life that you'll put to paper or film one day.
Love your work. I hope you'll step into creating animation one day for the modern woman.
-Hollywood wife
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