art & soul - day two
Almost done with day two of classes and I finished up my third workshop just now. I am teaching poppet® puppets tonight and then that will be my 4th class in two days! Good thing I am not teaching tomorrow or I would have no voice left!

I just got my class roster for tonight and I am excited to see Andra is in my class. Andra babysat Stanley for us when we went to go pick him up from Atlanta. She is such a sweetie and I am sure I'll get all squealy and excited reminiscing about Stan and what a little baby he was!

Off to order more food from the hotel children's menu... tonight maybe it will be mac and cheese? I don't know!

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I wish I was there!
Did Sande tell you "Hi" for me?
I hope you had a fun weekend, and it will probably feel really good to get home!
Good luck with the cab back to the airport, LOL!
Mummy update

Had a great night with Paul. I cooked him a big meal and he ate every morsel. Toby was in fine form.

We are sad about Friday though. He isn't eating again and we fear that this might be his last week. Daddy and I talke about nothing else.

See you soon darling.

I was in your friday class and you are such a great teacher! My sister and I had such a blast! Thank you for making it a GREAT experience for our first Art & Soul.
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