art & soul - day four
Today I taught the first day of my Beyond the Unexpected workshop. It's a two day class. There are just 5 of us in the class so it's nice and cozy!

Tonight I got a lot of my left over supplies packed up to ship back home. I'll send them off tomorrow so I can make sure DHL actually picks them up. Then bring the rest of the stuff home in my suitcase on Tuesday.

I'm getting all ready for the finale of The Amazing Race! I think this round I want the beauty queens to win. They really grew on me this season.

Tomorrow's my last day of teaching and then packing up to come home. So I'll see you when I get back!

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sorry the beauty queens did not win. Just wanted to say got your latest book and love it....
wish there was a workshop around here!
When will you be coming back to Coupeville WA? I loved taking your class and hope to take another in the future. Your poppets are wonderful and hope I will be sending you pictures soon for one of my daughter.

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