workshop day two
It's been a great two days so far here in Cortona. Yesterday I did the color part of the workshop, where we mixed colors and then we did a tag book round robin, lots of fun! Today we got started on our projects for the week, working in 3-d using cigar boxes.

Tomorrow we'll go to Niki de Saint Phalle gardens (photo at right), and I can hardly wait. I have been wanting to see the gardens forever. I am so excited!!! yay!!! After we get back I have a little project planned where we'll create our own versions of sculptures inspired by the gardens.

I'm still sick, it's turned into a nasty sinus infection but luckily I brought a stash of antibiotics with me so that has been helping.

We haven't yet found an internet cafe that will let us download photos -- we even did a couple small video clips! So I'll have to post those when I get home.

It's hard for me to get time to post because it's really busy with the classes all day, so I'll post in a couple days!

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I do love your posts and am sorry you are sick. Same thing happened to me on my first trip abroad. I am writing just to say that I have loved your mother's posts (besides yours).

"mummy" - thanks for keeping us posted on Toby and the cats! Loved the alarm set-off. Poor Stanley must have thought he had to play guard cat since Toby wasn't around....
Glad to hear you are still able to enjoy parts of the trip despite being sick. My husband and I had food poisoning on our last trip, the joys of travel!
i love the new look of the blog and website. i'm sorry you are sick, but i'm so glad you are off educating everyone in creative expression. you are a ray of sunshine, even with a sinus infection, i'm sure.
I am enjoying your posts from Italy. Hope you feel better soon.
Sorry to hear you are sick, good thing you have antibiotics, you'll be feeling better in no time. I wish I could take one of your classes. Hopefully you will come to Chicago and teach someday. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
Hope you're feeling better! Have an artichoke, some macaroni and a big glass of red wine. At the very least, it will help you sleep - LOL!

Get well soon! That Tarot Garden looks like a magical place. (I'm moving to Italy in a few weeks. Once the dust settles, I hope to check it out myself.)
Hi guys

Here is a mummy update. Claudine called me yesterday, just as I was getting out of a cab at Midway Airport. She was over the moon about the visit to Niki de Saint Gardens. Said it was one of the most inspiring things she had done. I got home to a lukewarm welcome from Toby, the peke. He has bonded big time with my husband, who is a huge animal person. Likes animals better than most people. Toby walking non-stop if allowed. I moved his bed into my room because he keeps talking all night long and wakes one up. He and our old cat Friday are a real pair. If Friday wants something, Toby comes and "onks" until we get the message. Paul doing lots of sightseeing. He and Claudine's friend martha are in Florence today.

Post again soon. Mummy
That is so freaking cool!
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