bath time!
Toby got his "before travel" bath. This way he can be all squeeky clean when he goes to stay at Grandma's and Grandpa's. He was not happy about it at all. On the other hand, our little kitty Stan, jumped right in the bath as it was filling up with water and watched the water creep closer and closer until he jumped out before it reached him! Silly boy!

I managed to get a few more things off my list today, finished up a custom artwork order, it's ready to send out! Got another one to the draft/approval stage. Got my FL sales taxes done, and got my 1st QT taxes done too! I had frantic conversations back and forth with my rep about a new license. We were under the impression they needed the artwork before I left for Italy. Turns out we have some more time. Yay!

Then I even did crazy things like clean out the fridge, the pantry and washed/cleaned out all the litter boxes to make sure everything is tidy for our wonderful cat sitter when we leave. I plan a huge clean on Sunday!! Whew! I am tired now after all that. I think at this rate I'll feel really good when I get on the plane because I won't be able to fuss with anything or do any more work. That will be good because then I won't be about to think about how sad I am about leaving our pets behind! But they will all be in good hands, still I hate leaving my babies.

OK nighty night!

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Have a great trip Claudine!!
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