working down the to-do list
I am slowly but surely making my way down my massive to-do list. I had a session with my coach today, and I had to get realistic about exactly what can get done before I leave. The book proposal is not going to get finished. I wanted to get it done, but I also want it to be really good, so it will have to wait until I get back. I feel relief letting that go for a little bit, but I also wish I could power through and finish it. But there are only so many hours in the day!

On my short list, I still need to do my 1st Quarter taxes, FL sales taxes, pack up artwork to ship off for a Cloth Paper Scissors article, buy stuff/supplies (camera!) for Italy, prepare artworks for a new license - they need it before I leave, clean the house, wash Toby, do laundry, get ready for family coming in down for Easter (yipes!), staple class handouts for Art and Soul.

I also need to pack up a box to send to VA for Art and Soul. I teach there just 4 days (4 days!!) after I get back from Italy.I am not even counting those 4 days as days I will really get much done. I have one custom artwork order I will finish up in those 4 days and then after that those days will be dedicated to laundry and errands and getting ready to teach again!

Speaking of Art and Soul. My Magazine Alterology class at Art and Soul Portland is almost sold out! Wow! Only the first day of registration! There's still spaces left in Waxing Poetic (beeswax collage) and the Frayed Edge (fabric + paper collage). I will not be teaching in Portland in 2008 so sign up soon to hold your spot.

nighty night!

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Whoa! You are one busy girl! I keep planning on making a list, but i keep forgetting...i admire your organization!
I love your lists Claudine. I'm a list maker, too. I can relate to the relief when you move a project off your must-do-right-now list. It's like getting another LUNG! I can breathe again! Good luck!
that makes me tired just reading about it....Easter dinner too! yikes, girl, you're going to sleep on the plane. xoC
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