ready or not.... here we go!
We'll head out the door and on our way to Italy in exactly 9 hours! Wow! I can not believe it's here! it seems like just yesterday that I was planning this workshop and now it's time to leave.

I *think* I am ready! I spent so much time fussing with all my class supplies that I am not exactly sure what I packed as far as clothes. But I am sure it will be fine.

I have promised Paul I will wear my new Skechers and not my usual heeled shoes so I won't end up hobbling all around Tuscany. Let me state for the record that I hate wearing shoes with less than a 2 inch heel. But I will do it and not feel short, yes I will.

So here we go!

Toby has been dropped off at my Mom and Dad's, our amazing pet sitter is coming for the cats.The house has been scrubbed and cleaned. My email box is empty, all my work is up to date, I even did super neurotic things, like unplug the clothes dryer. And as soon as I finish this post I'm going to unplug the computer! If I could unplug the whole house I would but then my DVR wouldn't be able to tape Sopranos for me!

Ready or not Italy here I come!


We'll post from the road when we can find an internet cafe! Paul might post for me sometimes because once I start teaching it gets really crazy busy. I remember last time I taught in Italy I barely had a spare minute!

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Hope the workshop goes well! And if you ever fancy doing one in the UK, I'll be there :)
ciao my wear those heels too...the ladies of Italy wear them all the time! lolol...sorry Paul..the girls have to stick together! Eat some gelato for me! smiles! Andra
Safe trip and have a great time teaching!!!
Looking forward to hearing all about it.
enjoy! ciao bella!
Have a great time in Italy!
Wanted to share my newest lo inspired ;-)
Can't wait for some pics and updates from the road, happy travels!
Have a wonderful time in Italy and take lots of pictures!!!
OMG I am so jealous! Have fun!
To all Claudine's many friends...

I just got an e-mail from Paul and they are in Italy, even managed to find a cyber cafe. Meanwhile, Toby is doing just great. My husband is doing the drops in his eyes every day and I'm doing the long walks - morning and night - with my husband doing the pee-pee stops.

Will keep you all posted.

Dear Claudine, have a fabulous time in Italy. It would have been a dream come true to join you in Cortona but I'll have to join you in spirit this time. Don't suppose there's any danger of you coming out to Australia?
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