florence day two
Last night I had a really horrible sore throat. I thought if I got a good night sleep it would go away, but then I woke up with it even worse thise morning. I am so annoyed!! I am still hopeful I will be able to shake it off and have been taking lots of Airborne. Grrr! I do not want to be sick on this trip! Teaching a workshop for 7 days is challenging enough but doing it sick would be a nightmare!

Paul and I went to the Pitti Palace this morning and walked around and enjoyed the sights. I am feeling really low energy because my throat is killing me, so I went and had a long rest in the hotel while Paul finished sight seeing this afternoon. I keep thinking of that Kate & Alley episode where Kate (or was it Alley?) was sick on their dream trip to Europe and then Alley runs around having fun while she lays sick in the hotel room.

I did manage to get up around 5pm and we walked around a bit more and now we're off to dinner. Here's hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling all better!

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Think positive, drink a lot fluids, and baby yourself. You will feel better, you will feel better, you will feel better!
Get to a drug store if you can and find zinc lozenges. Most are sold commercially with lovely fruit flavors to cover the taste of zinc. Zinc will actually bind to the irritation, coat it completely and allow your throat pain to subside. A little warm salt water gargle will help wonders, too. But, the Zinc, if taken early enough, will kill any kind of infection and lessen your symptoms within a day or two. A good marshmallow root tea will ease the pain considerably as well. It is a tissue anti-inflammatory most often used by women for meunstral cramps, digestive pain and bladder infections. But, it works on the entire body, especially the throat. And, it tastes like a dessert.

Take care, Ally. Wouldn't want Kate to have all the fun without you.
I so hope you get well and can enjoy your workshop.
I really hope you get better soon. Florence is so great and then the workshops,

Talked to Claudine this morning and she was feeling a little better. She is pacing the sightseeing though because she wants to be super energetic for the workshops, which mean a lot to her. Toby is doing fine. My husband set off the burglar alarm at their house when he went to visit the cats.. big drama for a while.
Definitely do the zinc! I travel all over for my job too, and I find I get lots of sore throats from the dry plane air (especially long flights)and they last a few days without anything. Then speaking just is unbearable- airbourne and zinc have bailed me out every time! Last time in europe, they gave me lots of honey in hot tea to help too.
ciao bella/bello!

hang in there claudine! tons of rest 'when' you can fit it in and tons of liquids too. thanks for sharing your updates and i really hope you start to feel better so you can enjoy the workshops. hugs to both of you, rach
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