florence day three
Today we did a lot of sight seeing in the morning with an amazing private tour group called Context Florence. There are usually only 6 in the small tour groups but we were super lucky and no one else signed up so it was just Paul and I. OUr tour focused on the Medici family and the artists they patronized ... as an artist it must have been nice to have such a wealthy family funding all your art making! Our tour guide was amazing and it was so much fun!

I woke up even sicker than yesterday, the cold or whatever is has now moved and I am having lovely coughing fits. Very attractive. I got some throat losenges from the pharmacy and they taste just like altoids, which I hate the taste of, but Paul loves altoids so if he gets sick he will like these throat losenges.

I had a very restful afternoon and slept in the hotel for about 4 hours while Paul went out and did more sight seeing.

Tomorrow I want to visit this contemporary fine craft fair in the morning that is in town for a week. Should be fun.

Then we are off to Cortona around 2pm and the workshop starts with a wine and choclate tasting in the evening before a dinner! yummy!

See you from Cortona!

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I'm so sorry you're sick! Have you taken any of that Airborne stuff? Indulge in the chocolate and wine.


I've been told that antibiotics are sold over-the-counter in wouldn't hurt to get a Z-pack! Get well soon, and have a wonderful rest-0f-your-trip!
Get yourself some Vicks Vap-o-rub and slather it on your FEET, cover them with socks, and get some sleep! Amazing remedy for a cough!
Hope you're taking tons of photos in spite of feeling so yucky!
Claudine and Paul are in Cortona and were looking forward to the wine tasting reception at which they'll meet the group. Their artist friends Martha and Larry are also there. Larry is teaching a paintaing workshop...She sounds much better, although now it seems to be a nasty cold.

She said it will be hard to get computer time to update the blog.
Hello from Tuscany!
I love your art and have been visiting your blog.
Arrivederci from Pistoia.
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