easter memories
Not feeling overly creative today so I'm re-posting my last years Easter post. Happy Easter!!

When this photo was taken of me as a little girl, I was living in NY. My parents gave me a new Barbie as an Easter present and in the original of this photo I am holding it up for the camera. I remember the neighbor girl coming over and asking if she could play with my Barbie to which I replied "not yet, it's too new to share." hee hee! what a typical "only child" answer! I still don't like to share my new toys when I first get them. I guess some things never change.

Another Easter memory I have is of the ubiquitous Easter egg hunt. I was always the kid who could never find the eggs as fast as the other kids. I remember seeing an egg on a lawn chair and running towards it only to have a little boy swoop in and snatch it before I could reach it.

And then there was the dramatic plastic egg incident. When I was three years old I thought it would be a good idea to take 1/2 of a plastic Easter egg and smash the sharp rim against my forehead. This resulted in lots of blood and drama and a trip to go and get stitches. I still have the scar today and every time I see a plastic Easter egg I have a little giggle.


Great memories and funny pink ears. Happy Easter to you and yours!
easter memories are always fun.
have a great time in italy. i can't even imagine having to pack
up your studio for that. you are
a trooper!
Happy Easter, Claudine!! Hope you had a fantastic day.

Safe travels to Italy - can't wait to hear all about your trip :-)

By best Easter moment was when my brother and i (5 and 6) in our easter finery painted my grandfather's garage with the old oil he had taken out of his chevy. Hey, he painted the garage the week before so brushes were around - we thought we would help. Ruined the lovely little yellow and black velvet bow dress and the black patent little shoes. My uncles screamed at us and hid us until my mother and grandmother calmed down. Easter was always so much fun. They didn't have plastic eggs when I was little! ; )
Happy belated easter. Boy, I could really relate to the challenge in sharing brand new toys....I still struggle with this....sharing new art supplies is practically impossible. I tried to break through this challenge when I allowed a woman in an art class to make use of some spanking new oil pastels. The classmate worked with the pastels in a rough and sloppy way. These oil pastel crayons were soon too unsightly for me to use. I still cringe at the memory of my classmate mangling my beautiful new pastels within 15 minutes of using them. To her credit, she apologized for roughly using my precious pastels, and even offered me about $10 for her breach, but even after she attempted to mollify me with an apology and a token payment, I still felt awful, and could not bring myself to use that set of pastels again. I have learned to share art supplies as of late, but not until I have had time to play with new art supplies for some time beforehand. I feel a little embarrassed about my possessive behavior with
my art toys, but oh well, I guess there are worst
Hope you had a great Easter and have a safe trip to Italy! Hope to meet you in Hampton @ A&S and fingers crossed too that it works out for me to be in your "Minding your own Business" class thurs. night, so many things going on that day yikes! actualy I thought that class was Sun. eve for some reason?? Anyway, until then take care!
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