time to go home!
The workshops went great this weekend!

We were busy from early in the morning until late at night so I didn't have any time to post. It was such a blast hanging out with Christina and Ali and Donna. I got much needed girlfriend time. Tonight we all watched my new beeswax DVD which was hilarious (I crack up watching myself on camera) especially the bloopers.

Tomorrow I leave at 4:45am to head to the airport and then home. I hate going through customs in Canada before you go to your gate, you never know how long will take, here's hoping it will smooth sailing tomorrow especially though Dallas. I would love for Texas to redeem herself in my eyes as an acceptable place to connect through.

See you when I am back in Florida!

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hope you had a great time in Vancouver, that is one of my favourite cities next to San Fransico and I am Canadian. I bet it rained the whole time....
Hope your flight out goes well. We LOVED taking your class!!! And I am glad you had fun girl time seemed WAY done last night!!! LOL...

We got quite the jokester customs guy on our drive home tonight. 45 minutes waiting in line....UGGGG. Hope yours goes much more smoothly!

Thank you again. We had a DELIGHTFUL time. I am so excited to make another one on my own! I am going to have to sign up for your Art & Sould classes here in Portland. You are a hoot! -Amy
Thank you Christine for the incredible photos of my daughter. I can't stop looking at them. You could see how happy she was to be among such good friends.
glad you had a great time :)
hey girl!
so fun hanging with you this weekend.
loved it.
love you.
will email sooooon.
looking forward to the highlights! safe travels, rach
At least at the Dallas Airport, if delayed, one can easily use the automatic ProActiv vending machines. Dallas is the only place I've seen them!
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