mmmm... yummy!
Tonight Paul and I went to Red Bamboo a first try in my new quest to find a good Thai restaurant here in Orlando. I really liked it, and they had the sweet sticky rice for dessert -- hmmm my fav! Not all Thai restaurants have that and it was a treat! I think we'll be going back there again!


I love Thai food, I wish my stomach liked it as much.:(

If you get a chance, hop over to my blog and let me know if you have any ideas.

Do you ever do swaps?

Have a great night.

Spring forward!

Sounds great Claudine! I for one am a huge fan of Thai food also!!
Hello! I've learned through Thai friends here in the Boston area that Thai restaurants whose clientele includes people from Thailand sometimes have a separate menu that they usually only give to Thais. It is worth asking if the menu you are given is the only menu the restaurant offers, or if there is another menu (it helps to explain how very much you love Thai food and how eager you are to try authentic/additional dishes). The foods I've discovered this way have been absolutely amazing. It also can help to develop a friendly relationship with the owner, so that the chef is willing to make special dishes for you!
Have you ever tried Thai House on 50? If you come from I4, it's on the left just a bit before you get to Bumby. Red Bamboo was actually opened up by our favorite server from Thai House so I'm all for going there too! It's right near where I work so we go there often. Love Mango Sticky Rice...oh my...
Best Thai restaurant I've ever been to is in Savannah. Sigh...
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