illustration friday: hide
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "hide"

(click image to enlarge)
I'm not in love with this piece,
but I thought I would submit it anyway rather than skipping a week... I was having one of those art days where I don't like anything I make. grrr... I hate that when that happens!

This piece is a little stretch for the theme, but I think it works with this quote:
"She wasn't trying to hide the fact she was having another slice of pie, well not exactly"


oh, claudine... i'm in love with all your work... and this one is no exception.

ordered one of your books from amazon... can't wait to get it :)

will check out your live chat too :)
I love it Claudine...I think it's FAB!!! Great work.
It resonates with ME..I am dieting :)
I'm a big fan & love the collage! Very cute!
hi claudine! I just wanted to let you know I just heard your interview on craft sanity and you were great and inspiring!

This is a lovely piece!
Works for me - don't hide your pie people!!!!!!!
I know that "bad art day" feeling. That's when I do something I've never done before or not for years and just play. Or open a chardonnay and wait it out!
What an adorable piece! I love it! I want to thank you for your book recommendations. I picked up The Adventurous Scrapbooker and Creatively Self-Employed. You're right...they are both fantastic books. I love to know what you are currently reading so please continue to keep us posted.
lol she might not be hiding it but it sure looks like she's having seconds thoughts about it. another great piece
I do like this piece and it fits the theme "hide" so well. I must say that cherry pie looks good enough to eat. :)
i'm having one of those month's! but i think this is great! i love these colors...and i love pie!
Mmmm....cherry pie....I'm getting hungry! Great work!
I always like what you do. It's a nice simple easy on the eyes style...
your so good with simplicity...your stuff is great! :D
It's adorable. *g* I love how you illustrate your blog entries with such nice pieces. Where do you find all those expressive pictures?
I love this piece! It's funny, colorful, and sweet.
I think this girl wants to "hide" that piece of pie in her stomach ;)

Don't worry about bad art days.. I wouldnt believe it from this piece..
i like this very much
Actually -- I think this is one of my favorite pieces of yours! Fabulous! But, i do know all to well how those days go!

it's a really well done piece; who cares about the theme?
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