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I woke up this morning and Toby's eye was all red and infected again. It's amazing to me how the night before his eye is fine, the next morning it's infected! It happens that fast, he has chronic dry eye so we are always battling these infections.

So just as I am preparing to call the vet, I go over to check on the cats. I take one look at Stan and ut oh, I could tell something wasn't right. I look closer and his eyes are all red and he's lethargic. I was very alarmed!

I call the vet and luckily they have an early morning opening. So I pack up both Toby and Stan and off we went. The vet did say that it looked like Stan had a herpes outbreak so he's on eye meds and is now taking a l-lysine supplement and Toby got his usual antibiotics.
I had a feeling it was the herpes virus with Stan , Mabel has the herpes virus and she experienced something similar after she was spayed. Seems surgery or times of stress can make the virus rear it's ugly head. Mabel probably did give it to Stan when he was a kitten but they did tell me that 70% of all cats are carriers of herpes but only a few ever exhibit symptoms. So that made me feel a little less guilty.

I have spent most of the day staring at Stan in between working on things. He's still very uncomfy and I am so worried about him. The vet did say it would take a couple days for him to get better, but I want him better now!


Hope the crew is starting to feel better! Beula sends hugs.
They will be fully recovered soon!
Sorry to hear the fur babies aren't feeling good. I can relate, I have a sick kitty right now too. Best wishes for speedy recoveries!
My "at work" cat has the herpes virus too. He first showed sypmtoms when he was just a wee baby. The first time was really scary, I thought he had an upper respiratory infection, nope came in one morning and his eyeball was swollen- Yuck! I freaked out and rushed him to the vet.
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