working down the to-do list
Today I got up early and tackled my emails that had piled up while I was away teaching. I have almost gotten through all of them, and it feels so much better!

This afternoon I went back to the eye Dr. this time to an Ophthalmologist instead of the Optometrist I saw last time. These floaty things in my eyes are driving me nuts and I was really worried because there are about 15 of them floating around at any given time, which makes it very annoying to say the least, especially when you are trying to draw or something like that. So the Dr. looks in my eyes and tells me about the same thing as the other guy told me, but he did explain it a little better. I guess when you start getting these floaties it means the gel in your eye is turning to liquid and that is normal. But you have about a 5% chance that as it liquefies it will tear your retina in the process. I was like please don't tell me that. Now I have to try to NOT to worry about that happening. Anyway he will see me in 5 weeks to check again. Whew!

The rest of my to-do list is getting very long. I have some exciting things on the horizon that I'll tell you about once everything is set in stone. But it means I also have a lot to do. I am trying not to panic. It will all get done, it will all get done. Breathe, breathe......


I was having the same problems with floaters last year. I was certain that I was going blind! My opthamologist calmed me down, and told me to ignore them. They are much better now -- I don't know if they are gone or if I just don't notice. Actually, now that I "look", the shadows are still there, but I don't notice. I guess he was right..... So the moral is don't worry, and relax!
Did the doc give you something or tell you how to get rid of them?
Glad your eye problem does not sound like something to worry about. I am anxious to hear about all your exciting news!
Believe it or not -- they may eventually go away. I can't remember how old I was when they first showed up and drove me up a wall. I was probably in my late 30s (you don't look that old) and
eventually (I swear), they stopped bothering me. I don't know if I got use to them or not. But now, many years later - they have gone away. I may notice one or two if I am tense -- or sometimes I get the "flashing" effect altho I do not have migraines but it goes away. Do what you said you were doing - breathe, breathe, breathe.... and trust me. . .. they will probably just go away.
Hope your eyes settle down & get better soon! Can't wait to hear all about the exciting things you have going on!!! :-)
Oh you're such a tease! Can't wait to hear about the new things on the horizon! But I know what you mean about waiting for things to be set in stone! I had a great day today filled with exciting news but I want a signed contract in hand before I share....the waiting is SOOO hard. Good Luck!
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