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It's been really cold here! Nothing like what you guys up north have, but very cold for Florida. I've had our plants all covered up, because the last 3 nights it's been in the 30's! gasp!!

I spent the weekend pretty busy working on commission orders and getting things ready for my workshop this week in Bonita Springs. I leave on Tuesday and teach Wednesday-Friday. I made the dreaded trip to Kinko's on Saturday to copy all the workbooks for my workshops for the next few times that I teach. I hate going to Kinko's so much and am always glad to have it done! Now it's time to staple all the books!

Speaking of workshops, I only have 3 more North American locations this year - Vancouver, Virginia and Portland and then that's it! There is still room in all my classes too! And of course Italy in April too!

Paul and I managed to watch a few movies this week too. Thanks to Netflix we saw:
  1. Flags of Our Fathers (very good)
  2. The Science of Sleep (I liked it but I thought the guy was creepy and not sweet & endearing like I thought he would be from the trailer, but great visuals in the movie makes up for the weird guy)
  3. This Film is Not Yet Rated (good documentary).
  4. Enduring Love (good thriller about a stalker)

I have a migraine coming so it's off to bed for me! See you tomorrow!

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Oh, dear. :o( Get well, soon.

Have you ever had to teach with a migraine before?
Your blog went throught my feed for "Bonita Springs". Be sure to stop by the Toucan Grille on Bonita Beach Road when you get here. It's my favorite restaurant.

For the record: I just watched Snakes on a Plane, the movie, just to see how bad it was. We had a family night of it. Laughed so hard we cried. Even watched the deleted scenes, just to see what wasn't "good enought" to make the flick.

Chris Griffith
The 30's temps souns really good to me up here in WI. I wish you taught somewhere around here, even the Chicago area!!!

Hope you feel better. I know about that migraine thing!

Nothing worse than a migraine; hope you recovered quickly. Can't wait to see the adventurous scrapbooker....
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