is it just me?
Is it just me or is Top Design not as interesting as Project Runway or Top Chef? I can't figure out what about the show is different. I just can't get into it and I don't know why. hmmm.
Claudine...I totally agree! I was excited about this show before I saw it. Todd Oldham is kind of a bore and so is the show. But, of course, I keep watching...
I think it's because the host is boring??Tonight is my first night watching and I'm having a hard time to?????
I agree, too! I gave up watching. It just didn't pull me in. And I don't think Todd Oldham has television charisma. Too bad.
Hi Claudine:
I'm in San Francisco and I have Top design playing in the background. I agree with you, the show is ho hum. I don't hate it, but it is definately not in Project Runway's league.
Take care,
Oh no...we are almost as boring as Top Design 'cuz we are all agreeing! I think Todd Oldham is a sweetie but like Julie said not charismatic. Maybe they aren't artsy enough with wilder challenges like PR does.

Also have to say I was very disappointed in the end of Top Chef...I was SO bored with the last episode...felt anti-climatic with two episodes in Hawaii and I could have cared less who won. They need to spice it up...anyone else have an opinion? jood
I haven't even tried to get into it...I love Project Runway, but the others like Top Chef and Top Design look like they're trying too looks that way to me on the commercials! What works for one show doesn't necessarily work for others. It's like they're trying to take that formula and make many knock-offs of it...Pretty un-original.
Yeah I agree. Todd Oldham is no Tim Gunn, that is for sure! I'll probably keep watching because well my Tivo is already set to record and it keeps me occupied until the next Project Runway, but it isn't one of those shows I'm excited to see every week.... like the others.
I really like Todd Oldham and WANT to like this show but I just can't get into it either even though I really want to! :-( Bring on the next season of Project Runway!
I sooooo agree. The judges seem overly critical to me.
Right on Claudine et all!

The first time I caught Top Design the host's inability to draw us in was glaring - and it doesn't seem to be getting any better! What ever his talents - TV isn't one of them!

Maybe time to invest in the DVDs of the early seasons of Project Runway - it is a long winter even in So. Cal.!

p.s. - everybody catch the interview w/ Tim Gunn in the new issue of Quilting Arts?!
I agree! Not feelin' it here either.

yeah I didn't care for the last episode of Top Chef either. Once Sam was off I didn't care who won.

I also think maybe the challenges in Top Designer aren't interesting enough. It's not like they are really making anything, you watch them shop for furniture and paint and then arrange it. They should have wild challenges like make a room out of only items from the grocery store!
Not Just YOu. Todd is no Tim.. the cash they have to spend is probably necessary but so not like the budgets for fashion or cooking. And the contestants? I don't like any of them.

I've quit watching already.
I don't care for the show either. I liked the show called "Design Star" last season much better. I think it was on HGTV. I agree...Todd Oldham has a blah personality. He had some other show before this and it put me to sleep!
I think the show really lacks 'design a room using only packing materials''s design a room for $10,000 and items from the design center...gee, that's hard!?

Plus, we don't get to be too invested in the designers...

And Todd O....he asks like he's reading cue cards or something - rather robotic -
My daughter watched episode one and said "the don't make anything" They tell the carpenter and seamstress what to make and then they shop. Why would we want to watch that????

Runway is a trainwreck of creative work. Sewing, cutting, bitching. When does it start up again?

TopChef is normally good, but this season they had people who couldn't cook a whole meal or present the food well. I don't like little piles of food spread out over a platter. They call it "sampling" but it's not dinner. How hard would it be to learn how to make one dessert? After Sam left--didn't care about the finale.
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