in their new homes!
Hopefully all of the Valentine custom artworks have made it to their new owners and they were happy! I am always worried about sending the artwork and track it every step of the way!

(click to enlarge)
Here's an 18x24 canvas commission that arrived in NYC today, not for Valentine's day but for a birthday. This super cute family lives in Brooklyn and they wanted to be depicted in front of the brownstones in their neighborhood. I wrestled with this piece a little bit, but I really like how it came out!


I love it! You did a great job!
I love this one! Great job! (the birds at the top add an extra bit of cuteness too!)
Nice job, Claudine...of course...I am biased that the one you did for us is the best! Love the little crowns you always put on the animals.
LOVE IT!!! That background came out TERRIFIC!!! I would be really thrilled if I had purchased this piece!
Being a native New Yorker...I think you did a great job with the brownstones!! This is wonderful!
I cannot get enough of your art. So unique, so talented. You rock!

Love the brownstone background, perfect!
Wow! I love it!!! There's so much fun detail to study! Great piece!
I love how this piece turned out. After looking at it more closely, I noticed the cute little kitten on the doorstep. I'll bet they loved it!
This piece came out wonderful. Made my eyes light up when I saw it. I love the way the brownstones came out and all the little details you put into this piece. Great Job!
Awesome! Love all of it but especially the dog.
This is such a fun piece and I like the fellow's super long legs, very cute.
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