i'm in another book
There's a new book out and it has some of my work in it! Yay!

I'm on pages 72-74!

(click image to enlarge)

Here's one of the pieces that I created. My pages were made by altering an old pop up book so it has real moving parts, which I love. In this piece you pull the tabs and the heads move. In another one, my doggies' tongue sticks in and out! hee hee! I definitely want to experiment more with the pop-up book idea.

(click image to enlarge)
One thing that was a surprise when I opened up the book, was that all my artwork in it is backwards, except for the cover artwork I did on page 72. Grrrrr.

For example, you can see the above artwork on this page, see how it's flipped? Oh well I guess most people won't notice but it drives me crazy to look at it!

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How exciting it must be to see your work in another book. I originally saw your artwork in a book I checked out from the public library. (Collage Discovery)

yes! Collage Discovery Workshop is my first book and I also wrote Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the unexpected.

this book was by a friend of mine who invited me to be in her book! lots of fun and so exciting to see all the other artists in this book ?:)
you rock chickie
and speaking for collage discovery
workshop. i just had that out last nite. i tried the vaseline
technique for the first time.

happy saturday!
Cool, it is weird how they flipped your work though, that would bug me too!
Claudine...even though thay flipped it, it's absolutely beautiful. It remands me of my niece and her bulldog Cleo.


I'm ordering your book talk about above today on Amazon. Can't wait.
Congratulations on the publication. I wonder why they changed the direction of the artwork. The idea of the dog's tongue sticking out is very cute.
My art looks terrible when flipped... I don't blame you for being disappointed... (but it looks fine to me, Claudine...)
I've heard of this book. I think I NEED it! Sorry your artwork appears backwards. It still looks great.
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