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I was asked by Eye Candy Kits to create 3 works of art using their lovely and amazing March kit papers! Two of the artworks I made for Illustration Friday entries (gotta multitask!) here and here. And the third is on the Eye Candy Kits web site, see all three entries together here. It was so much fun to have a whole batch of super cool papers arrive at my door ready for me to use. You know how much I hate shopping, so having a kit delivered is divine!


Oh I just love your stuff!!! What fun it was to just have a break and look through all your stuff. Its all so creative and inspiring :) BTW, what kind of paint do you use to outline the images? it looks translucent?
Anyhow, I can imagine how nice it was to get all those papers delivered to you. I love paper! Keep up the great work.
hi there! thanks so much!
I use india ink pens to do the ouline, my fav are the PITT pens. love them!
THANKS! Im still looking through your site! Where is my day going!!! And another question :)...the paint that you lay on before the ink? like, in your utube video, you used cream paint. what kind was that? So Curious I know!!!Im just getting my hands into doing art and sorts and there is sooo much out there to choose from, so thanks! Really, all your stuff is amazing. Your workshop in Italy is going to be so much fun. Good luck!
Hey Lady! Looks like your one busy girl- I love how you multi-task, I wish I could get that trick down. I haven't made it to the theater to see Pan's, but tomorrow looks promising, I will let you know what I think of it directly after!
I love them all!!! You really make those papers ROCK! Looks like you have some fans in that group too cuz I was checkin out all the lovely work and saw some more poppet creations by other artists!!!
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