illustration friday: crash
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "crash"

(click image to enlarge)

When I first read the theme, I thought right away of our new kitten Stanley and how he keeps knocking things off shelves in the middle of the night and it wakes us up with a big crash! Even while I was working on this piece Stanely was wrecking havoc in my studio! He's a naughty kitten, but I love him so much it just makes me smile when he makes a mess!

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Hi Claudine,
What a cute collage! I love all the kitties playing and getting into mischief. This piece really touches me. Last summer one of my cats passed away (Godbless his little soul) and this reminds me of when he and my other two cats would "assist" me in the kitchen. You're right, no matter what they always make you smile!
Who can be angry with these little furballs? Just adorable!
Lovely piece, Claudine!
nice drawing like that cat up on the window sill:
michael dailey
Cats are so adorable even when they are bad. :-) Nice one!!
Beautiful! Love the soft colors and the little kitties :)
Kittens are cute. So is your illustration. Sadly, kittens always seem to grow up to be cats! Bummer about that.... :)
Big grins, after seeing this piece! You're so creative, Claudine! What a blessing you are!
this is very 50ies....wonderful colors...
Just got hooked up with your blog a couple days ago and have absolutely loved everything I've seen. You are very original. I cannot wait to see more. This piece makes me happy.
Beautiful collage!
nice one, Claudine! love this cozy kitchen!
What a great interpretation of the word!!! Love this adorable collage and the pretty soft colors!
Oh, man. It's a good thing Stanley is cute! LOL
This is great! I love kitties!
Your Illustration "Crash" is super. It's neat how you tied in the curtains, towels, and apron together.
I've visited before and I'll visit again - I enjoy your unique take on collage.
too cute for anyone's health and well-being. Do you try to kill other's with cuteness? ha..ha..
I adored the colors that you placed in this!
those kittens are the cutest! :D
oh, you drew kitties, too. they are cute. I used to have cats when I lived with my parents. Now they have three cats and my husband and I don't have any because I'm (all of a sudden?) allergic to cats. But cats can be so sweet even if they are so naughty sometimes.
awesome piece, claudine! the kitties are adorable, of course! Great work!
She has an awful calm face for having just had some dishes broken...what planet would she be from (as someone who has witnessed such events that resulted in lots of screaming and threats...maybe it was because there were no cats involved but kids?)
nice:)as always
Wonderful color palette and all the cool textiles.
there's so much I love about this style. Not just the use of retro photo's but the way the fine lining is not the strict boundary for the colour, giving that slightly offset appearence. the fact that everything is slightly disproportionate, yet still appears perfect. a very difficult style to pull off this well.
Who could ever be mad at cuteness like that? Cats seem to be born with the ability to give you that all-so-innocent look whenever it's needed. I love how the curtain/apron/towels pattern works so well for each.
Can't stay mad for long when they are so cute! :)
this is so sweet. who could stay mad at them.
believe me I've tried!
beautiful! lovely kitties! :)
What a sweet scene. It looks like a happy home with cute and naughty cats.

Anette Heiberg
Sensational! What cutely mischievious little kitties!
Oh my, that plate just missed the kitty! Cats are natural helpers, and reorganizers of items. My big princess Sneekers helps me by biting my hand while I draw. Kitties are fun!

Sweet illustration
Somehow your colors convey a wonderful sense of calm amid the kitty chaos. very nice.
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