illustration friday: communication
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "communication"

(click image to enlarge)
I thought of a woman coming home from a fun day of shoe shopping, calling her friends to fill them in on everything she bought!

My mom is going to get a big kick out of this piece because this is a photo her when she was in her 20's and it's ironic because she hates shopping as much as I do.... especially shoe shopping. LOL!


I see the resemblance. Love the illusration.

This is classic - and I love that you kept family in the picture! Great work.
Great job, love the picture of your mom!
Great image! I really love your Mom's hair style, looks just like my Mom's did.
cute as always, claudine! I especially like the bags and shoes in the background. :)
great idea! i love her apron!
What a WONDERFUL piece. How can you NOT like shoe shopping??!! (I've been called Imelda on more than one occasion).
This is fantastic! I love to see what you do with their themes!
I find drawing shoes infinitely more appealing than shopping for them, although I do love shoes! It's great that you used your mom for this piece.
Great picture. I hate shoe shopping, too. But I would coz I'm a bloke. I love how you do your drawing/collages.
Hating to shop seems somehow wrong and unnatural, like clothes on a squirrel. Anyway, the patterning in this piece is really pretty!
I bet your mum loved this - lovely collage as always and very inspiring :)
With my difficult feet I'm no fan of shoe shopping either.
I like how she's so much in the foreground that it feels like she's talking to us.
Okay, not to sound inappropriate, but your Mom's gorgeous!

Great illustration, by the way! Love your work as always!
your Mum is beautiful.
I love the patterns and the way you put the shoes in a little triangle.
i like the dated quality of the piece nice illo
Lovely collage and mom!
Nice composition!
Beautiful Claudine! Your mom must be so proud of you. You are very talented.
Very nice!!! great work.
Fun solution. I like the little shoes and bags. Reminds me of my daughter after she goes shopping, she always has to tell someone what she got that day...
i love this & i love the SHOES!!!
What a fun piece. Lately I don't love to shop like I use to, probably because I have so little time and don't want to spend it hunting for things I can't find. I do love shoes, just don't like to shop for them either.
me gustan mucho tus dibujos.
Wow! great work! I really dig your colors and line work!
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