i drive myself crazy
Today was one of those days that just slips away. It started off with lots of promise to get things done, but then before I know it, it's over!

I wound up going to the eye Dr today because my eyes were driving me crazy. For the past week I have been seeing floaters, which I know are normal, but they were a lot of them. Of course I am paranoid and after a quick browse on, I was sure I was going to go blind any minute! So I went to the eye Dr just to get peace of mind. Sure enough he told me they were normal, but that they wouldn't go away that I would get used to them. hmmm. I guess maybe I will.

Then after all that I came home fully expecting to get a lot of work done, but then forgot how hard it is to see when your eyes have been dilated! So that nixed that. No work, but I could do packing and shipping. So at least got that done.

I did manage to get a little computer work done now that my eyes are back to normal and I think I'll get an early night and try not to feel horribly guilty about my wasted day. Tomorrow is another day!

Speaking of tomorrow! It's Valentine's day!

If you forgot to send a card to that special someone, I have an animated Valentine e-card on my web site, starring Maggie and Toby! I miss you Maggie!!


Oh, I can so relate to the "ugh" feeling after a so-called wasted day. But really, who could have planned for the eye problems?

Thanks for mentioning the V-day card. I sent one!
The internet is a wonderful thing - but when you are sick it can make you feel so much worse until you get a Dr. appt....glad your eyes are normal. I think the universe had one of those days because yesterday I had some pretty hefty plans after I ran errands and didn't get anything done! Maybe today....Happy V Day.
I believe we are entering another retrograde.
Claudine: thanks for the valentine's poppet card--my sweetie loved the one I just sent him from the three dogs and cat! jood
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