happy heart day!
Happy Valentine's day from the Hellmuth/Lester household! Hope everyone has a great day!


Valentine wishes being sent your way also. Your art truly is an inspiration!
Love that awesome LOVE ecard - just sent it to my mom and I'll be singing Love Boat all day now. :)
Hope your eyes are back to normal.
You have a great way of capturing your pet's photos. They are always truly delightful and charming shots!

Happy Valentine's Day!
I just had to comment when I saw the picture of your ol' yellow striped cat. He looks so much like my cat Bonzo.

Last week, I put a picture of Bonzo on my blog and had a contest to see who could guess his age. The winner gets a free aceo collage made by me.

My cat is 7 years and 10 months old. The winning guess was 7 years and 9 months old!!

Love, love, love your work!!

Garden Painter Art
Awwwww!! Sweetness!
Just sent out the Love postcard, too cute! Happy Valentine's Day!
SOOOO cute! Happy V Day, Claudine!!
happy love day to all of you! hugs, rach
I wanted to first say Happy V day and comment on your post yesterday. Girl, I feel your pain. Not with the eyes, but just with the days slipping away without getting the things done I set my heart on. But again, tomorrow IS another day!!
XxOxxoX, big hug, lil hug, big kiss...sorry we've been watching Nacho Libre around here this week. love your work!
I just love seeing pictures of Toby with his tongue cute. Happy belated V day.
Hahaha that dog is SO cute!! What an adorable picture!
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