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For the month of January I have a 5x7 print available for $20 each at the Pretty Darn Swell gallery.

Here's the great news!

$5 from each sale goes to the charity of my choice. My donation will go to Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark animal rescue. Click here to shop at Pretty Darn Swell and help a wonderful cause! This print will only be available for the month of January, get them while you can!

On the topic of Bernie's rescue, my mom and I created a prototype for Noel's hat. If you don't know Noel's story, here's a quick update - Noel is missing both her ears because of being used as a bait dog by mean horrible people. Bernie has brou
ght her to her rescue and she is on the mend. You can read more about Noel on Bernie's blog. We thought it would be fun to make her new hats with ears so when she is all healed she can can be one stylish puppy.

Mom finished a prototype headband
today, this one has little cat ears in case Noel feels catty one day. We're going to send it to Bernie to see if it fits Noel, and if it does then we can make others. Thanks to Jolene for the headband idea!

If you'd like to try making Noel a hat too, here are her measurements:
10 inches from the top of her head around her head back to under her chin
if making a headband type hat as we did make it about 3 inches wide to cover where her ears used to be
if making a round type hat her head is 15.25 inches in circumference.
To mail the hat, Bernie's address is on her blog in the right sidebar.
EDITED: I uploaded a very rudimentary diagram of the headband we made. Download it as a PDF here.

Of course after making the hat we couldn't resist putting it on our critters....

Here's Stan wearing the hat Mom ma
de for Noel, as you can see he's not thrilled to be a hat model (Stan came from Bernie's rescue and we love him so much!)

And Toby .. I woke him from a nap, so he's not a happy camper either!!


i'm not smart enough to figure out the pattern, but if your mom will email it to me, i'll be happy to make noel a hat! i'll use some of my hand-dyed yarn for those days when he feels the need for lots of color in his life.

OK wonderful! I'll trace the prototype she made and upload a PDF so you can download it. I don't know how to make the pattern in "knitting language"

Ok guys! I uploaded a VERY rudimentary diagram of the hat my mom made for Noel.
hope this helps!

have a great night!
claudine made my morning claudine! that stan and toby in the corner plotting some kind of mischief to make-up for wearing that hat. lolol...Happy 2007! Andra
Thank you to the models for "taking one for the team" of rescued animals...A little bit of annoyance in wearing a hat, will lead to a great thing for Noel. I appreciate you! LOL
Thanks to you Claudine for also being an Animal Angel...I will pass this along to all the knitters I know, so that Noel can be the doggie diva she was meant to be...
Here's what I did - could stand some improvement.

Cast on 16 stitches, knit 6 rows of plain until measures 10 inches then castoff. Crotcheted strings at each end.

Ears - Cast on 8 stitches; knit 6 rows in plain, knit 2 together at beginning and end of next row; knit two rows; knit 2 together at beginning and end of next row; repeat until down to 2 stitches, knit two together.

I made 4 of these triangle shapes and stiched two together then we padded each ear-shape with matching wool and sewed them to the knitted strip.

Nothing fancy but you get the idea.
very cute claudine! and happy 2007 to you as well... i saw your name at pretty darn swell just last night! aren't they wonderful? i have one coming up too.
best of everything in the coming year to you and stan, paul, tobey and that uber crafty mom of yours!
Thanks for posting the ears for Noel! I busted up laughing out loud seeing your kids modeling them! What a hoot! After shedding many tears reading Noel's story, I needed a laugh and your furry kids always provide one. I'm glad you posted the pictures.
too cute...although anything on Toby is cute! You might want to try some kind of velcro for closure, so it won't come untied, or chewed up :)
Awesome idea, so cute! I can't stop laughing at Stan's expression. Although, with all the ruckus he makes in the middle of the night, he owes you the courtesy of posing for your picture. LOL!
oh they are great ears! Too bad your cuties aren't happy about them. I suppose they grow on you!! :) Such a cool thing you are doing.
That hat your mom made is so dang cute!! Great job mom! :)

I am so glad the headband cat ears idea I sent you was of some help.
I, like everyone, was so compelled to help Noel in anyway we possibly could.

Cheers to you and your mom!
Oh, I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear at the sight of your babies modelling Noel's new hat!

I am sure Noel will look beautiful in this hat, with her own special ears.

Big yay for you and your mum.

And here's to Noel having the life she deserves!
wonderful job on the doggie hat! wishing you all the best in '07!
Wow!! Love it! That's going to be one lucky cat :)
Those are wonderful looking ears! I saw the story posted on Vickie's blog about that sweet doggy whose ears were bitten off in fighting.

So sad.
I am really glad you came up with a soft solution. :)

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