painty paws
Ut oh. Someone jumped into my acrylic paint when it was still wet.....


oh...He is so big....all grown up..sigh....but still a kitten at heart! smiles, andra

I know! Look hoe big he's gotten! he still has far to go, he's only 5 months and growing :)
watch out, he'll be wanting a "cut" of the income!! but heck, who can put a price on that much cute?!

love and hugs to all the furfaces!
he he he !!! Too cute!
This happened to my dog Lily a few years ago. Love the technicolor paws!
probably payback for the knitted hat you made him model
LOL - his toes look like little pink and blue Easter eggs. My goodness, he's a big boy now. His coloring is really pretty.
oooppps it wasnt me I didnt do it!!!!!!I bet thats what hes thinking!!!!! love nicole irvin
What kind of kitty is he, Claudine? He's beautiful.
He's so adorable - with the purple hat and pretty blue paint - he's quite fashionable!!
he has grown so much! what a beautiful boy :)

Stan is just a domestic shorthair. I got him from Bernie Berlin's rescue, A Place to Bark:

we love him so much!
He is sooo cute. I love this lanky 'teenager' stage. I hope he did not cause you to much work while creating his own art!
That's a perfect shade of blue for him. It really brings out his eyes. He should wear blue more often. ;o)

I had the interior of my house painted while I was on vacation last year. The cats remained at home with our sitter who stopped by every day. The painters were acquaintances of ours who moved the cats to rooms not being painted while they were working. It seemed like a good plan, but with our cat Paul, there's no such thing as a "plan". He managed to escape the confines of the guest room and gallop through a tray of freshly poured "Jasmine White". The painters were never able to get all of the tracks out of the carpet. Fortunately, we plan to replace it this year with wood floors, but traces of Paul's adventure line the hallways and living room to this day.

There's something about Stanley that reminds me oh-so-much of our Paul. His actions and appearance. It cracks me up to read about the little rascal. LOL!!

awww I love that story! I still have Maggie's painty paw prints on my desk and on my plastic bins... I love seeing her prints there now especially that she is gone. If I were you I'd keep a small section of the carpet with the paw print on it just for memories!

Love that your cat's name is Paul! that's my husband's name. LOL!
My cream colored cocker spaniel, Daisy, met me at the door one day when she was a puppy. She had red all over her mouth and face. I almost had a heart attack because I thought she was bleeding. On closer inspection, she also had purple and green and blue ears. Her chest had some yellow, her paws had every color of the rainbow. She got into my watercolors. One of her white rawhide chips was all colored. It still hangs on the refridgerator...
And that teal really does bring out the orange color in him! He must have taken your adventures in color class!!
Cathy, I think Claudine should take Stanley with her to the Adventures in Color classes. She can slap various shades across his coat and paws and hand him around the room to the students as a gigantic squirming sample of how colors contrast and compliment oneanother.
Uh-oooohh... My college roomates's cat walked across an art assignment of mine once...left paw prints all over it!
THis kitty is going to be one.big.lad. when he finishes growing. Teal paint? What a surprise 8-) Actually, the teal on ginger is just perfect! Happy New Year to you, your family and the fur kids, from sunny Australia!!
Oh, Stan is so big now!! Very long legs. Love his turqoise paws.

Maybe he is going to be very creative like his mama!!
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