OK here's how it all went down
In the morning I was demoing at the Ranger booth and I was telling them about my plan to give Martha Stewart the artwork. They let me know that Martha was supposed to be walking the floor of the show and that they were on route. They didn't know what time she would be by the booth but it would be sometime between 1-4pm. I knew it would be a way better chance of giving her the artwork than at her keynote speech so I thought "I have to do this! I have to find her!"

I had to go and sign books from 1-2:30pm so I was really worried I would miss her. As soon as I was done with the book signing I rushed back to the Ranger booth and waited. All of a sudden I looked to my right and I saw her!! If I had been looking the other way for one more second I would have missed her. She was walking very quietly with her staff and it would have been easy to miss. But I saw her!

She was about 10 feet away and I turned and I held the artwork out for her staff to see. They gave me a nod and then I approached her and I handed it to her and told her what a fan I am of hers and then I can't remember what I said. I said about 3 sentences and I hope I didn't sound like a crazy person. Then her assistant looks at my name badge and goes "oh you're claudine!" and I go "yeah!" which I think I yelled I was so excited. Wow! That means they had heard of me! How cool is that!!! Then I could tell it was time for them to move on so I said thank you and then I think I ran away!

This morning I woke up and I thought it was all a dream. It happened so fast and it was like a total out of body experience. The Ranger people told me today that they got a photo of Martha holding the artwork while she finished walking the show, so I can't wait to get my hands on that photo! I will post it if I can get it!!

I am just so excited I was able to give it to her. I hope she liked it!! It was such a thrill. I will remember that moment for a long time!


That's so cool!

Nice work...
Way to go Claudine, what a thrill that must have been!
yeeeeee!! that's so awesome!! You're retelling is so cute. I can feel your excitement ;) I have something for you when i see you at Artistry, and i'll probably have the same fearful, anxious excitement. :)
Have a great day! Can't wait to see the picture of her with your artwork, please post it :)
that is so very very cool.

rock on you brave goddess you~! :)
Dang! Now that, is cool.
Oh My Gosh!!! That is so freakin' cool! I love Martha too and your picture was so cute and colorful and how could she not love it! :)

Who knows...maybe you'll be a guest on her show!? :)
I do hope you get some sort of response from her, what a wonderful memory for you.
I got butterflies in my stomach, reading this story! I was nervous and excited for you, as if I were watching it unfold! How funny. Claudine, this is soo neat! I'm super happy for you. You're so talented and generous and sweet! You deserve something great to come from this! And the piece you made for her was so cute! She has to love it!
oh that is so great!
i'm sure she loved it
or at least thought
'now that is a cute skirt'

you are such a talent!
best martha wishes...
that is so wonderful!!!! good for you claudine!
Now THAT is a good thing!! You know she is going to put your art up somewhere in her home or office...and now, Martha will be looking at your work every day!
"Take one step toward the universe and the universe takes ten steps toward you." So neat! I'm excited for you and I, too, think she needs to have you as a guest on her show. Then again, you're so hilarious I think Ellen DeGeneris needs to have you on her show. Stay positive. I read your blog whenever I can and love hearing about your goings on as you describe them, so heartfelt.
that is too cool claudine! and of course she LOVED the piece. she'd be crazy not to. did you hear her speech?
You have a great chance of something more being done with your gift. Martha loves original things.
No guts no glory right? smiles! andra
Congrats again on your accomplishment, I have yet to meet someone I really admire and not make a fool of myself...I guess I can always learn.

congrats! what a great story!! :)
What a fun story and how incredibly exciting. How could she not love your adorable artwork??? I mean really!!! Bet she frames it and talks about it on her show. OR maybe she will realize what a big star you are and have you as a guest on her show. Oh the coolness of that!!! So glad you were able to make it happen!!! Hope you are having tons of fun!!
BTW, MaryEllen is SO need to create a piece for Ellen Degeneris. She has a frenchie named Pig and I can just picture how cute that piece would be!!! She would have you on her show for sure!!!
I am so proud of you!!!!! I can't wait to see you on Martha's show. Your persistence will pay wait and see. Martha will be asking you for autographed copies of your books and DVDs before you know it.

I love your books and DVDs--I hope you have plans to produce more DVDs--I found them so helpful.

Take care and hugs to your four legged furry babies
All the Best,
Julie L.
That is awesome. I love the piece you created and I'm sure Martha will too. Hopefully this will be a steping stone for you as a guest on her show. How cool woudl that be! Good luck!
The first time I talked to martha on the phone for her radio show I couldn't believe I was actually talking to her. I was pretty calm until the end when I screamed out "Martha, I love you" She laughed and said thank you... the next time I was a little more together but still. It is Martha after all...... You are a lucky girl!
I am SO happy for you! That is an awesome story.
Good seeing you for a couple of minutes yesterday!! I wanted to stop and talk but didn't want to interrupt your demo and the crowd!! Good to see that things are well!!
Martha-stalker! LOL
You know I am kidding. I was on the edge of my seat reading the installments of your story!

That artwork is adorable, I'm sure she loved it.
Way to go. I hope it leads to something exciting.
That is so cool! Congratulations =)
It was great to see you at CHA.
Wow, that sounds very exciting!
well done for such a great artwork and the courage to actually hold it up and give it to her!!
Oh wow, I bet she just adores the piece you gave to her. It was absolutely perfect! Soooooo glad you got to actually give it to her. What perfect timing. Makes you think it was supposed to work out just the way it did. :)
SWEET!!! I'm certain you didn't sound like a crazy person! I am so very happy that you made it! And of COURSE they should know about you! You are amazing!! Great Going!! Can't wait to see the picture of her holding your art!!
Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more poppets!

Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more Poppets!

Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more Poppets!

Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more Poppets!

Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more Poppets!

Oh my gosh!! How cool is that!?! We all need to wear those token "Martha is my homegirl" t-shirts! Heh heh!
SU-WEET!!! I can totally see you doing that, too! Thanks for the re-telling!

Everyone kept saying they had seen her on the floor. Of course, I didn't, but I was keeping an eye out for her. Which was probably why I didn't. If I hadn't been, I probably would've seen her. That's how it usually works for me!
WOW!! Congrats. I really LOVE the piece you did for her. Maybe you'll be on the show? How cool...
That rocks! Good for you for taking the bull by the horns (or whatever the saying is) and making that happen.
Hi Claudine- we love your collage discovery book. My son adores you! He is 7. This morning he wanted to do more backgrounds using your plastic wrap technique, so I snaped a few photos to show that you have a sweet little boy for a fan out here in Canada!
Yay Claudine! The piece you did for her is so darling how could she not love it and have you on her show?
right on, chica!!!!!! hopefully she will have you on her show!! congrats on all you do, you are such a positive influence on the whole indusrty :-)
peace, love and glitter to you!!!!
kathy :-)
Claudine, that is soooo cool that you were able to give Martha Stewart that darling collage you did of her and the dogs. She is sure to treasure it. I always smile at how surprised you are that people have heard of you and your are such a down-to-earth, sweet person!
Yay! I'm glad you got to give your awesome collage to Martha. I was wondering how and if you'd manage it. Thanks again for your book from the F & W booth. So nice to meet you and Bernie in person. My 11-year-old dd was impressed - I knew she would be. ; )
" I said thank you and then I think I ran away"

:D you are just too cute for words. I can just picture you all happy, giggly and cute. I bet she contacts you to tell you thank you personally.

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