mission accomplished!
I did it! I did it! I gave the artwork to Martha Stewart and she even smiled! yay!
I have to run but will write the details of how it happened later. I am just so thrilled I was able to give it to her! hooray!!!


That is so exciting!!!!! How cool is that???? Good for you, Claudine!!!!
woohooooooo, i was wondering if you got it to her.....very cool
Claudine, I admire your "make it happen" attitude! Sometimes a little bold maneuvering is all it takes and a little help from our guardian angels. ~Sharon
That is so cool!! I saw her today and she had the biggest crowd following her. Can't wait to hear how it all happened.
See you.
That is *so* awesome. I was rooting for you all day!!
I've been worried all day thinking about you! Good work! And I only know you through your art!
And she smiled too? Here's hoping she invites you on her show!
Yay yay yay! I had a feeling you would make it happen. ;)
That's so neat, Claudine. Yes, she needs to have you on her show! How wonderful. She's probably googling you right now and finding your adorable website. Time to start picking out a snappy outfit for the broadcast. Congrats!
yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiles, andra
Congrats on your mission!!!

Oh, and i am so jealous of the skirt you have Martha in that collage, I wish it were mine.
Oh how awesome!!!
Oh Claudine...i'm so happy for you. The sketch is adorable and I'm sure she appreciated it.

I can't wait to hear the details. :)

I LOVE Martha.

How'd her new line look by the way?
Kudos to you for having the guts to try that. What a great opportunity. Martha is Martha's favorite topic, I think, so she's got to love it!!!
Love the collage and can't wait to hear the details!!
Yay!...and how could she not love being so tall, thin and pretty with her pooch too! well done, Claudine!! xoxoC
great job could she NOT love it?! perhaps she'll do a write up in Living!
Holy Cripe, Claudine! You weren't kidding when you said you had a lot to tell me about!!! Can't wait to hear all abou it :-)

I'm so thrilled for you!!

How awesome!! Your Martha collage is beautiful. The drawing and the patterns are so fantastic...of course she liked it!! :)
Oh my god Claudine, that is awesome! She is SO going to ask you to be on her show!
Oooh, Claudine, you'll be on her show soon, I bet! It was great seeing you at CHA...not sure if I'll run into you again tomorrow...
This is a very 'good thing'!!! Congrats to you!
This is a very 'good thing'!!! Congrats to you!
Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more Poppets!

Wonderful!!! I just had a look at the artwork. She has to love it, she just has to, I know she will.

Maybe she'll invite you to be on her show to make more Poppets!

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