it's thursday!
This morning I met with a private art consultant, Katherine Gibson of ArtHouse3 (no web site). She works with clients that are looking for artwork for their homes and businesses.

That was exciting!

She will be having a show in Feb. and is interested in my work for that. She picked out a pile of my Poppet® sketches and also a few 3-d collages as well. Yay!

Other than that I worked on commissions, and some other projects that needed tending to. Here's a canvas commission that I just sent out of this super cute little girl playing dress up ballerina. What a sweetie! For some reason this image looks blurry until you click on it to enlarge.Usually the thumbnail doesn't do that but tonight I can't get it to stop.

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday! What happened to this week, it just flew by!


Oh, goodness gracious, Claudine!!! You are such a talent!!! This little ballerina and her little teddy audience are super cute!!! Your ability to draw is so great!!! Thanks for making me smile again!!!
Wow! Congrats! The first week of the new year and you are off to the races!
This is SO ADORABLE!!! Been meaning to tell you that I picked up a wall piece with one of your collages on it at TJMaxx about a month ago. I plan to hang it in my bedroom. I could not believe that I now have a copy of one of your collages!! Cool!!
That's a great piece.

Perhaps you already fixed it, but the thumbnail doesn't look blurry on my computer.
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Loved your ballerina! Very detailed! :) Just got your first book, am looking forward to reading it.
I'm sure this will be a much beloved piece of art for the lucky one receiving it! It's just precious!
She is just so cute. I love the photo they've chosen and the colors that you used! So fun!
Definitely the cutest little girl in the whole world. ;)

And of course, the artwork is fab!

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