illustration friday: buzz
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "buzz"

(click image to enlarge)

When I first read the theme I thought immediately of gossip and what better place to gossip than the beauty parlor!

P.S. there's that turquoise paint again!

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I love your take on the theme and your colors are just delicious. Great work!
That is so great. Beautiful!
it's nice to see you working thru HGTV. i always admire your work :-)

hahaha... very clever take on the subject, Claudine :) I love each tiny detail of ur illo.

Have a nice weekend. completely reminds me of my grandmother. She was a regular at the hair salon and I know that is where she got her best stories!
Another great collage! What a great take on the idea! Turqouise rocks.
Excellent! What a perfect take on Buzz, Claudine!
That's the first thing I thought of too! But I wasn't quite sure how to illustrate it so I went with the common bee theme. Love that turquoise!
a creative take on the topic! oh and i love your cats.. ^_^
I love that turquoise (maybe not as much as Mabel though). Fantastic piece as alway Claudine.
great idea and great illustration. I really like the colours.
my favorite!
This is the pergect idea! gossip does sound like a droning buzz! Great idea and darling and charming illo!
Such fun! I LOVE your colors, they're perfect.
very creative
Beatiful fashion editorial image!
So you admit that's what women do at the salon...great palette...fits the illustration well...
ohhh yes the buzzzzz of gossip! this is totally perfect Claudine, love it! thanks for the nice comment on my IF too =)
great colors and oh soo true lol
That's a really tight piece! Wonderful!
:) nice!
I could never figure out how they could gossip and still hear what each other was saying while under the dryers? And then I remembered...they SHOUTED! hah! So funny Claudine :)
cute work
I LOVE IT! great idea and lovely work!
What a perfect solution to the theme - the ladies are buzzing ;)
haha great illustration
love, love your art work!
Great interpretation of the theme, and a terrific illustration, as usual. Really like the flat floor, too.
I know a shop that has turquoise chairs. Have you been there?
I love it!
wonderful idea and execution. Saw that you are an author too....what do you write??
thanks everyone for the sweet comments! I really had fun working on this piece!

Chris -- I have written to arty/crafty books about various collage techniques.I had a great time writing them :)
very cute take on the topic...thanks for your nice comment on my blog...i'm not sure what is up with the MEAN people out there! :) anyway, i really appreciate it
pretty classic and funny piece
clever idea!!! love it Claudine
Great concept , super :)
Great original idea.. and beautiful colours.

Great! I like how you have given them each a different personality.

Anette Heiberg
this is wonderful!!
i love your retro but fresh collages!!!
Those hair dryers always remind me of futuristic brain sucking devices invented by aliens. But women always seem so happy and chatty when they are in them. The juxtaposition is alarming and comical at the same time. Nice job and fun take on the topic.
thanks for your kind words. and what a clever take on the subject matter this is! I simply love your collage style!

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