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Yesterday I spent the afternoon updating my web site, putting all new artwork in the portfolio, it was time for an update! Then Paul and I went out with our neighbors bowling. I am not a good bowler, my highest score was a whopping 30. Oh well, I didn't mind, it was still lots of fun!

I read on this gal's blog today about Library Thing. What fun! You can add books you like and then it starts to suggest more. I made up a short list and added the widget to the sidebar of my blog. It's hard to remember all the books I've read and I've loved, so I'll have to go back and add more later. Right now I don't have any arty books in the list except my own, maybe I'll add all my fav arty books as a sep widget or just lump them all together.

A big huge thank you to Vickie Howell!!! She read about little doggie Noel's plight and made her a set of "ears" and posted a super cute pattern on her blog. Much appreciated!! I know Noel will love her new ears!

I am off to get an early night, we are getting a new roof and the roofers will be here bright and early tomorrow. I hope Stanley, Mabel and Toby don't get too upset about all the noise!


I went straight to Library Thing - too cool!
But the real reason for commenting should be a few posts down...... I am so moved by your love for animals. Thanks for your Pretty Darn Swell print (can't wait to get it!!!) and your sweet concern for Noel and all other pets needing love. I'm totally captivated by your work and just love checking your blog every day. Your work certainly inspires me. :)
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