yoga hurts
I have 10 long scratches on my legs.

Stanely seems to think it's a good idea to climb on me while I do yoga in the morning. It's become quite the nerve wracking exercise experience. He also likes to pull my hair while I do downward facing dog.

He is such a nut!

At first it's cute and funny but then it gets scary every time I do sun salutation he jumps and grabs my legs then slides down. Major ouchie!!

When our baby girl Maggie went through the leg climbing phase she was 8 weeks old. Stan is about 16 weeks now and almost 5lbs. So it hurts big time!

Thankfully he *should* grow out of it! Until then I think I'll have to shut the door when it's yoga time.


Pepper does this as well, and he's five years old now. I'm starting to think it's an orange tabby male thing.
Cat training hint - hiss at him when he does this and he might think you are his cat-mother training him.
Good luck
M. Stella
hehhehe...they are such teenagers at this age.....andra
Sooo cute. My two Bichons both try and get in my way. One even copies me and does down dog when I'm doing - honest truth!
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