weekend's over
It's been a busy weekend! Paul and I spent all day Saturday laying sod to spruce up our lawn. We got it all done! whew. My back was really sore today.

I am hard at work on
commission orders for the holidays. I put up the deadlines for ordering on my web site. I'll need all the materials: order form, photos and payment by December 5th for Canvas commissions and Dec. 10th for sketch commissions, but the sooner you get your order in the better! It's so hard for me to figure out a good cut-off date. I need enough time to work on them before shipping but also everything needs to ship out by the 19th to make sure it will make it in time. So it's difficult to figure out.

Here's a canvas commission that I finished up of this cute gal. It's for her 30th birthday and she wanted lots of elements included to represent the first 30 years of her life. She's lived in many locations, was a biology teacher, has a son and a husband and a new baby on the way, and is a scrapbooker and an avid gardener. I was pleased with the way it came out. I got all the aspects of her life into a cute little piece!


that commission is beautiful! you are so gifted! keep blessing us with inspiration, beauty and you!
Leigh-Ann Keffer :)
She's gonna love it! I do!
Imagine how this collage would be if she had said: in my first 30 years, I've had 3 husbands, been in and out of detox 5 times, spent a good 8 years in the pokie, and knocked over 4 liquor stores in 2 states! Maybe that should be the next Illustration Friday challenge....
This is terrific Claudine. I love all the little touches like the map and the photos on the wall.
I'd like to meet the person who actually had the guts to pay someone to commemorate that history to canvas, Karen! LMAO!!!

Claudine, I love the fabric used in her dress. Is that some of the new fabric you bought with Keely? It's awesome! Gives the work a whole new dimension.
This is lovely!
I like the map detail in the back.
Thanks for stopping by on my blog earlier,
I love it! I love all the little details.
aw, love this one a lot!
all the details, nice touch.
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