illustration friday: thanksgiving
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "thanksgiving"

(click image to enlarge)

This woman has been cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and she is giving thanks that it is almost over and soon she can relax and have a drink!

Hope everyone has a great holiday! Will there be a new illo friday topic next week or do they usually skip holiday weeks?

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another lovely collage piece!! Love the warmth vintage style!
Nicely done as usual. I'm going down for Thanksgiving and visiting Cynthia in Asheville. I can't WAIT to see Baby-One! Sometimes she "borrows" her momma's phone and calls me. She says, "Hi, Annu. I luv you. I miss you. Azalea. Bye." It's super cute.
love the polka dot towels in the background. This will be me next thur. thanksgiving for 12 and first time hosting.
we don't celebrate thanksgiving in germany, but i can relate to your illo! too funny! love it!!
I love the blues and reds...polka-dots and checks! My favorites. Even more than the turkey!
you have beautiful work! i love your style. :D
Living in the UK we don't do Thanksgiving, and as a mother of five I can imagine if we did, I'd be in the kitchen all day :)

Wonderful illo!
On the years that Thanksgiving dinner happens at our house, I know this feeling well. However, I'm afraid that I would be into the martini pitcher long before the mumu came off and was replaced with the dinner dress and pearls if I was this woman.

Nice one Claudine!
How many beautiful collages do you have in you? Endless I'll bet. Great work.
Very nice piece. Did cooking the turkey drive her to drink? Or maybe it's the relatives in the next room.
Ooh, this one gives me a sort of Rob and Laura Petrie Retro Thanksgiving feeling =) So cute and fun, great job!
That is high-larious. No wonder people drink more at the holidays. Love it. :-) Happy TG!
so funny! that is what i am always thinking!
love it. thanks for the giggle!
We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany. But I wish we would. Nice turkey. Nice illo! she can relax and have a drink! What a hoot! I'll bring the wine!
lol now that the bird is done lets drink
With the success of that fine bird it's defintely time to put her feet up, and take a load off! Great colors as always.
Your style is always so unique. Another lovely one! :)
That's too funny! We all need a break after a whole day of slaving. Great collage!
Classic! Cheers!
great collage as usual!!!!! great work Claudine!!
Wonderful, I love how vintage your work looks. Your work has such a lovely flair to it.

Happy Thanksgiving.
the polka dot dishtowels make me giggle along with the martini glass hahaha, love your humor...
Tell me about that drink! I will be taking mine shaken, stirred and bubbly! Lovely illo, and thanks for stopping by. happy holiday!
I think every woman from 1945-1962 looked that way and felt that way. Today we just don't wear an apron but still wish for the drink, a bubble bath and everyone to disappear into the mashed potatoes.
Marvelous as always!!!!!
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