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toby_carWhat an exciting trip to go and get our baby Kitty Stanley! Thank you again to Andra for baby sitting him until we could get to Atlanta. And thank you to Bernie for letting us adopt him! We love him already!

Our drive up to Atlanta went well, we didn't get to the hotel until late, but Toby didn't seem to mind the drive! He sat in his car seat, a little bored, but he really enjoyed all the good smells at the rest stops. Here's a photo of him riding in his car seat!

hotel was really very nice, especially for a pet friendly hotel, and it was so much fun to travel with Toby and have him sleep with us and be with us for the trip. Toby even had his first elevator ride, which was so cute to see. We didn't see any other dogs at the hotel, but that's just as well as Toby doesn't like them anyway! The hotel pillows all say "curl up" on them and I snapped this photo with Toby taking a morning nap on the bed. awwww!

Then we went off to pick up Stanley from
Andra's.Thank you again Andra for baby sitting him! We stayed and chatted and met her family (cute , cute daughter!!) and then took the long ride home to Orlando.

stan_asleepWe got in last night about 7:45pm and then started to get everyone settled.
Mabel isn't too happy yet about Stanely's arrival, but she'll come around. He's staying in the guest bathroom right now and they are getting supervised visits with lots of treats for Mabel for positive reinforcement! Here's a photo of Stanley from last night. He had a big play session and then passed out, fast asleep!

OK I am off to catch up on work, maybe even have a nap myself! I don't know how
Bernie does it with all of her animals that she cares for. I feel run ragged with one tiny kitten!!


What sweet photos! Thanks for sharing...I'm glad it was a good trip and everything went smoothly...Toby looked SO adorable in his car seat and that photo of Stanley sleeping is hilarious!
What a wonderful little kitty. Can't wait to meet him tonight. Nice to think of a new being joinging the family - especially on a weekend when our thoughts are filled with sadness for the 9-11 victims.
Congrats!!! Such a cute new family member!
(I love that hotel in Atlanta...I recognize that "curl up". So cozy when I stayed there for business.)
Enjoy and good luck!
Glad Toby could finally have a vacation and relax! LOL!!!
Congratulations on your new little his pink toes....

Welcome to Florida, Stanley!! You'll love it here :-)
Ooooh, Stanley is just adorable. There is nothing so handsome as a ginger kitty, and that button nose is jut begging to be kissed. Looking at that chubby tummy, he must have just had a lovely dinner.

BIg hugs to Mabel and Toby as they get to know little Stan.
So cute, love the belly
awwweee... congrats on your new baby feline!
I've been waiting for you to get home all weekend! I'm so excited for you and your new baby. He's darling! Gosh, and look at those tummy markings! This will be fun to get to watch him grow!
oh he's so CUTE!!!!

tiny little man, and just like all kittens, expect him to constantly be covered in food, or pee...they love to roll around it all!!
So glad to hear that your trip went well and you made it home safely. Toby looks so cute in his car seat!!! Hope all your little cuties will get along well.
OH! SO adorable! A big, giant congratulations on your new addition. He's so lucky to be in such a loving home. :)

P.S. You have me hooked on Project Runway. I can't wait for the next episode and I'm going to be sad, no matter who gets booted off from now on.
Just how cute is Stanley's tummy!!!
I bet if you lightly thumped his tummy with your finger, it'd sound like a tiny watermelon! Squeeeee!!! Seriously, wining and dining and flowers on an anniversary is always nice, but I can't think of anything cooler than the two of you adopting a little baby kitten to celebrate. What an absolutely adorable little creature!!

Oh, ya. And, that picture of Toby in his car seat is so funny and cute. Wonder if he panicked at first thinking this might be another trip to the vet. LOL!
Orange kitties are really very special folks. I have one who is three named Henry (also have a black kitty named George and a dog named Beaux).

I had orange kitties growing up, too. They always have the strongest, wildest, most loving little personalities.

Congrats on the new addition!
have to tell you all that Stanley is sweeter even than his photos. we met him last night and he snuggled up in my arms. I was entranced. He liked sucking on fingers and then suddenly he fell fast asleep, his little tongue moving up and down inside his mouth as he slept. It was adorable.
omg- look at that little belly!!!! cant you just eat him up??? that is SO wonderful that you were able to get him from bernie, good luck with him! xox
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