kitten fever
Ok It's official. I have kitten fever and I have it bad. I have been obsessing all weekend about one of Bernie's kittens and I must have him now! It's almost all I can think about.

After our
sweet baby Maggie died I had a dream that I rescued an orange kitty and that his name was Stan. Bernie has a kitten (pictured right) that arrived at her rescue a couple of weeks ago and through the Internet, I have fallen in love with him. He's been bottle fed since he was a baby and I must have him to snuggle and cuddle. I need Stan!

Bernie and I are trying to work a way to get him from Tennessee to Atlanta where Paul and I can drive up this weekend and get him. (Atlanta's about a 6 hour drive from Orlando). We are still figuring out the logistics to get him to Atlanta and I hope it works out!

Anyone know of any pet friendly hotels or cute dog friendly B&B's in Atlanta? We are thinking of bringing Toby with us for the adventure!

I have to say what a wonderful and amazing husband I have. This Friday is our 5th wedding anniversary and the fact he is willing to spend it driving to Atlanta to get a kitten, makes him the best husband ever. I love you Paul!

Speaking of Bernie's rescue, she is doing a
Call for Art for an art auction to be held in November. If you are an artist please think about donating your art to this wonderful cause. If you are not an artist, stay tuned to Bernie's blog to bid on some amazing artworks!


Awww, what a cutie! And yes, Paul is awesome for doing that for you...Keep us posted as to how it turns out! :)
That sounds like a wonderful way to spend your anniversary! Congrats on the new furbaby. :)
You should get 2 kittens... so they will cuddle together. I am behind on email and I owe you one !
What a cute kitten. Good luck with getting him.

Hi Claudine,

go to either or to find lodging that accepts pets. I hope this works out for you because I know firsthand when "pet fever" strikes it is uncurable until you are holding the pet in your hands:) Talk to you soon

Laura-Bow Wow & Meow Pet Sitting
how terrific claudine! stan is a heartbreaker for sure and that is so nice of your husband to give such a lovely present for your anniversary! good luck!
Hi Claudine...unfortunately I've had to stay in many hotels in the past month and a half. My dad had major surgery. I noticed that all of the hotels I've stayed in take pets now. Some of them require an extra deposit, but its refundable provided the room is still the same condition.
I've stayed in 3 different Marriott's...Hilton...Super 8...Motel 6...Extended Stay America...
Pick a place you may want to stay and check their websites...I'll bet they take pets.
Bet Toby would love the vacation
how wonderful claudine! i have become such a fan of bernie since finding her blog about her rescue efforts through you. i know you & your hubby will give this kitty such a wonderful, loving home. and happy anniversary :)
What a cutie he is!!! And what a wonderful husband you have to do such a wonderful thing. Hope you have a VERY happy anniversary.
Hi Claudine! Cathy H is correct - many of the chains take pets now, like the ones she mentioned, Best Westerns do as well. One caution - that won't apply to a tiny kitten, but worth mentioning for others. Leanne and I travel with a 100 lb Lab and 60 lb poodle and many hotels limit the size of dog - 40-50 is standard, but some are 15lbs. Also, we've had hotels that advertise pet friendly but when we get there, no pets allowed!! A BIG problem for us! We've even called and have different people tell us different things. So now we email the location we're staying and GET IT IN WRITING. Really annoying, but to be stay. Again - no problems with a little kitten!!

I am SOOO happy for you! And I'm not surprised by Paul driving to get Stan - we already know what a great husband he is! You truly deserve one another! But I'll argue that MY husband is the best husband ever :-). Have a great trip. XOX to Bernie. I'm a big fan of hers!
hee hee!! I LOVE HIM!!

usually=Best Westerns are pet friendly. Check the website to see if theres one in Atlanta, and what the pet policies are.

ohmygod! kitty! Oh, I must go cuddle my cats, now. Squueeeee!!!

Happy Anniversary, too! :o)
What a lucky kitty Stan is!!! We also lost a kitty this year and my husband was just devasted. So we got another one and cannot believe how much this kitty has taken over out lives. Stan will take over... be ready :-D
WOW!! We already have two cats, Stella and Lucy and recently we rescued a orange tabby just like Stan!! His name was Buzz (as in Lightyear for a wk. - 3 yr old son - LOVES Toy Story), now his name is Oliver. What a wonderful husband and super great anniversary gift!! He is so cute, he could mend any broken heart!

so cute!!!
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